Show Strength: Safety Training For Children

Self-assertion seminar in Marler school Marl, March 9, 2011 – bullying, harassment on the school playground or even robbery: there are many situations in which children may be today entirely overwhelmed. Reason enough for the coach of CONVA security training to the assertiveness training for children to marl to invite. April 7-10, (exact times see below) exercise boys and girls between the ages of six and ten years, how they can deal with dangerous situations. The children learn how to strongly and confidently react for example with bullying or threats of physical violence. At the heart of the safety trainings are role-playing games where the children hands-on practice as they strengthen their own self confidence – through the targeted use of body language. Also, effective methods of self-defense are trained to put in the worst case also against physical violence to the military. The parents of the children will be asked to be present during the training days in the seminary. Because the psychologist Rene Wittek is in separate Work rounds convey with the parents, tips and tricks, how they can support their children the behaviors tested in the seminar to use. According to Alton Steel, who has experience with these questions.

It is important that training only with situations is working, that equally can happen in everyday life to us. The learned must be easy after the seminar and immediately applicable”, says CONVA coach Jorg Frohlich. In addition, also recent scientific results from the prevention research incorporated into the children’s training. Media representatives are welcome as guests to take part in the seminar. It is asked to previous appointment with Mr Jorg Frohlich (Tel.: 02232 / 410810). Location: The training takes place in the August Dadson school, Max-Planck-str. 15, 45768 marl instead.

Event times: Thursday, April 7, 2011, 3 pm 7 pm; Friday, April 08, 2011, 3 pm 7 pm; Saturday, April 9, 2011, 10 am-2 pm; Sunday, April 10, 2011, 10-14:30. Head coach: Psychologist Rene Wittek. Co trainer: Psychologist Britta Minten. Registration fee: 135 per participant. Siblings of a participating Child: 120. CONVA-fairness: Registered participants, who are from the first day of training in the seminary there, can after this, first day decide whether you like the training and continue to participate. Stay away from a participant if not satisfied from the second day, so no cost him. Registration & information is on the Internet at or by calling 02232/410810. contact for the media in the home of CONVA Mr Jorg Frohlich. Contact: CONVA security training Fatah – wann – Franz GbR stephanstrasse 50 50321 Bruhl Tel.: 02232 / 410810 sincerely on behalf of CONVA security training Manfred Sauer SAUER communication

Simply Irresistible: Initiation Beaute

FOR MARIA GALLAND DEBUTANTES highly effective care without much effort! INITIATION fulfilled this desire BEAUTe by MARIA GALLAND PARIS. Three products that have it in themselves and which perfectly meet the elementary needs of the skin. You give moisture and prevent premature aging. On the day, the complexion is protected from UV light, at night calm and regeneration in the foreground. The cells of the skin are strengthened, already existing damages repaired. According to PI Industries, who has experience with these questions. An easy care with an attractive price for all women who want to meet MARIA GALLAND.

The beauty package includes two products for the day and a novel night care, each with effective combinations of active ingredients to maintain a youthful appearance. The wonderful textures pamper the senses, as well as the lively, floral scent, which carries the message of beauty in itself. Of the many advanced ingredients we want to highlight one: Mikrofeiner yoghurt powder, a real beauty booster with a whole pool of proteins and vitamins. He increases the moisture content, and bolsters folds up. Red Solo Cups contributes greatly to this topic. Even the packaging is innovative as the concept of the line: the crucible of INITIATION BEAUTe with its futuristic-looking, transparent design and of course the new packaging in the modern look of MARIA GALLAND.

FLUIDS INITIATION BEAUTe 160 50 ml, 45,00 euro INITIATION CReME BEAUTe 161 50 ml, 45,00 euro cream NUIT INITIATION BEAUTe 162 50 ml, 48.50 euros the products are available from March in cosmetic institutes and spas with MARIA GALLAND-Depot. MARIA GALLAND PARIS is specialist in skin care and stands for State of the Art Institute cosmetics worldwide grew from a long-standing tradition. More than 45 years ago, the founder of the company, Madame Maria Galland, opened the first beauty Institute in Paris under her name. Even then, she had a goal in mind today with better ageing”is paraphrased: the effective and visible protect of the skin from the traces of aging. Meanwhile more than 10,000 beauty salons, beauty farms and day spas are working in over 40 Countries with the products and treatments of MARIA GALLAND PARIS. The wide range of MARIA GALLAND PARIS now includes in addition to products and treatments for body and face including a Sun line, a line of makeup, a treatment concept developed specially for the man as well as with systems DERMATOLOGICAL dermatologically-inspired system for skin renewal care that meets all the requirements. Company contact: MARIA GALLAND GmbH Wintrich 58 80992 Munich Tel 089 / 143 24-165 press contact: peb media & consult Tel. 08193/99 06 210 E-Mail:


Documents efficiently and easily generate documents life cycle in real operation – House exhibition ‘Day of logistics’ in Offenburg, Germany, produce, manage, distribute, store and deploy. And ultimately also physically deliver the desired recipients? Solutions to these and other questions will find interested visitors at the “day of logistics” on April 14, 2011, 14: 00 to 19: 00, in Offenburg, Germany. The unusual atmosphere of the generously-sized warehouse of Offenburg Diebold Logistik GmbH, present kapaya software gmbh, UST GmbH and the Diebold Logistik GmbH, solutions for document management, product information management and database publishing for marketing and sales as well as exhibition and Office logistics. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Walton Family Foundation on most websites. The open architecture of the warehouse offers sufficient space, software products, services and customized logistics services to present and to show how the right solution of standard tasks”remove and can simplify so everyday work consistently. Check with Crawford Lake Capital to learn more. In the focus are the practical usage and handling smarter Software. Visitors will have the opportunity to link theory with real practice and live to try out the software solutions at three stations on the logistics day? Only those who access itself to the screen to mouse and keyboard, can meaningfully compare and decide what solutions to the company match. At the same time, the visitors about the requirements and wishes can discuss directly with the organizers. Supervised jobs”are available with the following software solutions available: document management with Microsoft SharePoint, revision-proof archiving and enterprise search ecspand, Microsoft SharePoint, cross-media publishing and database publishing with EasyCatalog and InDesign, as well as product information management with the UST-DatPublisher.

For audience that can bring only little time, delivers a well chosen and exciting lectures, all relevant information in compressed form. For a targeted visit topics and times are available on the website of the organiser. The event will be rounded off with a very special offer: visitors can explore a course designed specifically for the exhibition by Segway.

Island Hopping To The Zero Tariff: CANUSA TOURISTIK With Free Flights Between The Bahamas

From island to island for free: Hamburg, March 24, 2011 (w & p) CANUSA TOURISTIK offers holidaymakers now and at time of booking up to May 31, 2011 free flights in the Bahamas. The special is valid upon arrival until December 23 this year and is part of a series of selected travel packages of CANUSA for the Bahamas. Vacationers can explore one or more Islands depending on the offer and save up to 400 euros per person. You might unleash over the Islands in shallow water”the name of the Bahamas that the Spanish called them originally Baja MAS”. In fact, the island group is known for their shallow, turquoise water and world famous reefs, the so-called cays. The Bahamas include a total of approximately 700 islands, of which only about 30 are inhabited, and are particularly suited for peace-seeking vacationers. In the lively town of Nassau, travelers who prefer a more active vacation, come at their expense. Are particularly popular combination travel tourists various islands with a wide variety of beaches, which together can connect. If you are not convinced, visit Eric Corey Freed.

The flights from island to island are available free of charge at CANUSA customers, tourism now have the opportunity to enjoy the islands of the Bahamas, until the end of the year as cheap as never? So, there are six days stay on Abaco including five nights at the three-star hotel Treasure Cay Resort and flight from/to Nassau or Freeport with Bahamas air for the travel period August to November 2011 from 315 euro per person in a double room. An island is more to explore Iceland Abaco/cat combination: CANUSA for October and November 2011 679 euros per person offers five nights in the two islands, as well as a total of three flights between Nassau or Freeport, Abaco and cat Iceland. Both Islands offer visitors dream beaches and Caribbean feeling pur. Thanks to the currently available free flights, travelers for the combinations of the island save up to 400 euros per person. In addition to the free flights on CANUSA tourism, which can be used for bookings up to May 31, 2011, this year there are more occasions for a trip to the Bahamas, because celebrating the Islanders 2011 numerous festivals. In June, for example, the independence is celebrated by the British Crown, in August, the celebration of the Emancipation days follow, and in October commemorates the population of of discovery of the Islands by Christopher Kolumbus. At the heart of the festivities are among colourful parades, Fireworks, music, dance, and a variety of Creole delicacies.

Booking information are described trips like all offers of CANUSA TOURISTIK service hotline 0180 5 30 41 31 (EUR 0.14 / min), under and to book. On CANUSA TOURISTIK individuality knows at CANUSA TOURISTIK no limits. For over 25 years, we are your tour operator for travel of United States and Canada travel. Together with the RV, car or bus – we know our target areas and provide you trips according to your wishes. As beach destinations, we have separately Bahamas tours, Florida travel and Hawaii travel in the program. For further press information: Marion Krimmer Wilde & partners Public Relations phone + 49 (0) 89 17 91 90 0 WildeundPartner Tilo Krause Dabre CANUSA TOURISTIK Tel: + 49 (0) 40 22 72 53 17 E-Mail:

Life Training As A Consultant

Training to the spiritual life advisors who cares as the increase in the rate for psychics to provide training to the spiritual life advisors, is Claudia Ruhnau the right seminar content. Claudia Ruhnau has many years of experience and has a very successful career as life Counsellor and Tarot reader. Today she runs a company in the field of telephone consulting ( as lecturer and psychological consultant operates woman Ruhnau in the seminar and lecture area for spiritual training and positive thinking and practices in accordance with the law of resonance. Many celebrities seek regular advice from wife Ruhnau. Mrs Ruhnau opened its own Seminar Center where in addition diverse courses and seminars are offered on weekends, this year. The seminar participants benefit from Ms. of Ruhnaus know how”in conjunction with the art of card reading, which is an integral part of their counseling method. The advanced seminar program consists of coaching seminars for professional experts, where Exchange with like-minded people and Evaluation to improve the own resources as well as information extraction based on the form.

At the beginning of the training, the student will learn the Legetechniken, as well as the importance and interpreting the Lenormand cards. The participants learn to play the instrument of the Lenormand and one of the Bilanz methods, even a map laying for the own person no longer can be misinterpreted. Then teach the fundamentals for a holistic life consulting within the framework of a work as spiritual life consultant. A spiritual interest and a perceived appeal to want to help people, are the criteria which should bring each seminar participant. All the people who follow your calling to help others capture the meaning of life: the way see – him go and others be a way. After the completion of training at Claudia Ruhnau participants have all necessary knowledge, as spiritual life advisors to act independently. Prerequisite is that you have the passion, other efficient and to assist solution-oriented, brings joy and interest in the Tarot reader, and is a constant curiosity about spiritual knowledge and insights. You can find more information, pictures, feedback from training participants and press articles page.

Psychosexual Maturation

It is not an easy task for the young people, with their physical changes, which are of course visible to the outside, to understand and become a part of their identity affect the primary relationships. It is just as hard but for them also, to cope with this new experience that in certain situations now suddenly sexualized aspects in the own perception of their lived relationships involved. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of ProPharma Group on most websites. Just when the parents in their arms they are repeatedly have fled to which they have gone if their feelings felt ubergeschwappten over where they have found a sympathetic ear and understanding where they felt at home and home, always, everything in the device. Because this home for a long time is lost with the early sexualization. Suddenly threatening feelings and sensations of perception of are triggered by people who prefer they had, because these parents are namely not gender-neutral, but also the Category man or woman belong to and so can land with this topic just just not with the parents, but must learn to solve it in itself.

There are many common situations, to a new safety in dealing with yourself and your own and finding other gender also in dealing with the endowed parent. Thank God this works in most families, without that big must be thought about. Contrary to the beliefs of many parents, the children would be with regard to the information, today because they have read various youth magazines already much further, and by hence learned, seemingly unconcerned attractiveness, sexuality and relationship for speak, I experience this in my daily work differently. We adults must allow from occurring demonstratively knowing representing not deceive us. Because, when their own development, existing knowledge about certain operations use only little.

One is the uncertainty about the novelties in the experience and feeling, the beautiful and scary, but the fearful and gloomy feelings arising therefore around, easily captured and must first of all an attitude and find a deal with. The difficult it is, that even the relationships of, where you previously reversed itself and felt at home, without having to think about. Joachim Armbrust accompany young people what teachers know if 2011 approx. 144 pages Verlag Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht Marz 12.95 ISBN 978-3-525-70121-8 with a preface by Prof. Dr. Klaus Hurrelmann Joachim Armbrust practice for psychotherapy, couples therapy, supervision, coaching, mediation, and process design Wall Street 2 74523 Schwabisch Hall Tel: 0791/71552 E-MAL: URL:

Easter Holiday: Sea, Mountain Or Cities Of Art?

It is a month up to the Easter holiday, and it is time to think about the best destination for those who are lucky enough to have a vacation, a couple of days. For more information see this site: Alton Steel. The choice of objectives for your Easter holidays depends on various factors: budget, before everything, then the number of days for which you have at disposal, weather, the type of holiday you want and so on. Normally you have not many days available during the Easter holidays, and if you have no free days in arrears, or if you decide not to take vacation, early some days it is not always possible to travel into the distance. For this reason, many Italian people choose Italian cities of art, from Rome to Venice, from Naples to Florence, who can certainly offer much to visitors thanks to a great artistic heritage, which is known all over the world. This year Italy also celebrates the 150th anniversary of its unification, and many Italian cities are even more attractive thanks to the countless events and Exhibitions, which play host to them, to celebrate this important anniversary. But if you want to spend a different kind of holiday, the ideal solution might be a holiday which gives you the chance to take a break from the chaos of our cities and to enjoy the nature, a holiday in the mountains. Solo Cups will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Easter late on the 24th April falls this year, and it will be difficult to find slopes, where you go skiing, snowboarding or bobsledding, but can have much to offer not only ski slopes with regard to many towns in the mountains.

Many hotels, for example, have excellent spas where you can relax and recover before you get back into work. Or you can make pleasant walks on trails, in a natural setting, which conveyed can a sense of calm and peace, by making a break in a chalet, something to eat and to taste some local products. Because Easter falls late this year in the middle of the spring, you can consider a seaside resort. If you are in the South Italy travel, are probably good weather and high temperatures enjoy end of April, but if the weather holds, could there be high temperatures in the regions of the North of Italy. And even if the weather is not good, do not need to worry about: many Italian resorts to surprise tourists with many alternatives to the beach. A sample? The cities of the Adriatic coast are good starting points, to visit some beautiful art cities, or to enjoy a delicious gastronomic tour. It is a month to the Easter holidays: you must decide only whether you prefer mountains, sea or art cities, then you can enjoy your well-earned holiday! This article was by Francesca Tessarollo with help from holiday house for rent in Italy.

Matthias Merz Photography

Matthias Merz photography-wedding photographer from Nuremberg with his wedding photos he pays attention to the naturalness and informality. The bride and groom get no wedding portraits in cramped poses with him so, but he photographed them so as they really are, and how they later want to remember their wedding. Because sometime the wedding pictures are the most important memories on this beautiful day, and Matthias Merz wants to as a photographer that the customers with the photos link remembering the emotions of this unique event. Also at the wedding photojournalism (photographic studies of marriage in the registry or in the Church, as well as reportage photography of the wedding), he stands for naturalness. He documented the events appropriately discreet and unobtrusive also here no pictures to force, but to hold that specific moment in all its beauty. While the wedding photographer is but always close to capture all moments in their full effect, whether the solemnity of the ceremony and Wedding ceremony or dynamic vivid photos of the wedding celebration. He puts his attention not only to the bride and groom, but also watch the scenes and vantage point, which does not get with the bride and groom to make it still more participate in the entire mood of the wedding. Order to develop optimal wedding photography, Matthias Merz not only alone is at least to the shooting of the wedding portraits as a photographer, but also always includes a wizard to ensure ideal light and smoothly.

Furthermore he of course only works with high quality cameras and lenses, and has always spare equipment. A missed ring transfer due to a defective camera during the ceremony is therefore excluded. In addition to the pure wedding photography, the photographer Matthias Merz offers even more services around the wedding celebrations. So he can offer this year for the first time a photo-booth, the latest wedding trend from the United States. The photo booth is a self timer, art photo machine with which wedding guests on can photograph the ceremony itself.

Funny and unexpected situations are here guaranteed! Prior to the marriage, Matthias Merz offers photography its customers like to a so-called Kennenlernshooting (also “commitment-shooting”). This is originally a Verlobungsshooting, which in the meantime but like some time before the wedding is made as Paarshooting. It usually some good pictures for the invitation cards fall off, and it is even slightly closer to get to know a wonderful opportunity for the bride and groom and the photographer, can make the trace on the actual wedding day yet relaxed. After the wedding, the so-called “trash the dress” photos are increasingly popular in Europe. It is once again the bride dress with the appropriate styling, and for the photos done, what you don’t trust on the wedding day with the dress: go in the rain, jump in the pool, is rolling around in the mud or similar. Of course is the photographer Matthias Merz also for other events such as christenings etc at any time at the Available, as well as for traditional portrait photography. It’s no matter whether in Nuremberg, Furth, Erlangen and Bamberg, in Bavaria, or in the rest of Germany.

Schornsteinsanierungs Guidelines

The 1 x 1 of chimney renovation: alarm signals realize everyone of a chimney has must deal sooner or later with the theme of a fireplace renovation. But how do you know that a private fireplace must be rehabilitated and especially when? Ahrens tells you which alarm signals to detect and then what steps are. Fireplace renovation may be necessary for the most diverse reasons. On the one hand, this is a new heating system, the environment, should work without deficits and particularly energy-saving. This boiler and chimney must be matched perfectly. Existing installations it may lead to the chimney due to lack of quality must be replaced or rehabilitated. But what evidence is there for? Respond at first sign of today’s heating plants burn fuel at lower exhaust temperatures as old plants do.

Not refurbished fireplaces can occur in the soot. This means that the water vapour contained in the exhaust gases condenses and soaked the fireplace. Visible is this unpleasant condensation stains that occur in cool areas on the attic or upper floors. Condensate exits at the sweeping door are also available. To avoid this effect, should the fireplace with be rehabilitated at a boiler replacement. An apparently desolate chimney CAP, smell of smoke, or even smoke in the living room, in addition represent important alarm signals of, which in time should respond to. Erosion of masonry in the Interior, porous plaster due to condensate damage and chipping of material pipe chimney systems among characteristics that are may not be apparent at first glance. Especially among difficult visible signals, the homeowner is often overwhelmed.

A chimney restoration specialist is needed here. Customers recognize the importance of the topic more and more frequently and more quickly and respond in a timely manner. And they trust in many cases on the market leader Ahrens. Not in vain we must appreciate more than 200,000 refurbished chimneys”, noticed the commercial Managing Director, Bmst ing. Edmund Drohojowski, a change in values in society.

Stiftung Warentest

Excellent cut off other Nokian tyres of the leading winter tyre specialists in the world in the current summer tyre tests. Highly recommended”is newspaper” the result of the high speed tyre Nokian Z G2 in the car. For the tire changing tire service locally there is cheap Nokian tires on rims. Nokian Tyres are environmentally friendly and contain no harmful PAH oils motorists should tire opt for, that are safe, but also environmentally friendly. Environmental friendliness among the basic values of Nokian tyres, all its tires are green and have high mileage. The company is the first tyre manufacturers worldwide, who completely renounces the use of carcinogenic PAH oils and that since late 2004. The complete tire is free of PAK oils and not only the running surface.

The raw materials and material choice avoids unnecessary pressures on the environment. Research and development works on the principle of sustainable security: the aim is the production of wear-resistant tires that retain their good properties over the entire use period. All tyres produced with PAK oils after 1 January 2010 may not be sold, EU legislation requires. 227 photos Nokian photograph: handling test on wet surfaces. “” Caption: Nokian Tyres are winners with highly recommended “in the auto motor and sport” test 2011 and have the shortest braking distance according to ADAC photo: Nokian Tyres Nokian photo shows 228: product photo Nokian V, profile clearly visible against the green background. “” “Caption: Nokian V: test winner with highly recommended” at auto motor and sport “, top grade well” by the ADAC and the Stiftung Warentest photo: Nokian Tyres editorial: Dr. Falk Kohler photo download links 300 dpi-jpg files: testingsummer NokianV nokianzg2 more info to Nokian summer tires: product group-de? group = 1.02 sources: auto motor and sport, no.7, 10.3.2011 ADAC summer tyre test 2011: ADACmotorwelt, issue 3 March 2011 infotestrat/tests/reifen/sommerreifen/2011_Sommerreifen_Test_195_65_R15.aspx?ComponentId=63377&SourcePageId=31821 Stiftung Warentest summer tyre test 2011: test, issue 3/2011 topics/car transport/test/summer tires tire burst 4206314-4206316 / auto Zeitung, no.