The inflatable boats need constant care. Only then you can enjoy for much longer. Below you will find some practical tips for taking care of your air. Air pressure is recommended that you inflate your tire according to the specifications of air pressure recommended by the manufacturer. Evita sobrehinchar your dinghy as this can cause cracks in the PVC material itself. If your dinghy is a lot of time in the sun, it is necessary to control air pressure of the same, as does expend excessive heat air that is inside of your air and this can eventually cause damage to your boat . CLEANING Every time you've finished using your dinghy is recommended that you clean the water and dry them with a clean non-abrasive.

There are also special products for cleaning your inflatable PVC, to help you protect it from ultraviolet rays, and possible stains or chemicals that can damage. Educate yourself with thoughts from Yorkville Advisors . TRANSPORTATION When you want to carry your air, it is more advisable to do so when it is deflated. Your tires should be protected with a tarp or stored in its respective carrier bag. Attention must be paid not to carry your air with sharps. DAMAGES If a crack or a hole in your air is recommended to follow the instructions of the manufacturer for repair. It is advisable to always have a repair kit on hand that allows you to repair in an easy and fast. If the damage is considerable, it is best to immediately get in touch with your dealer or the manufacturer of your air. Further details can be found at Yorkville Advisors, an internet resource.

STORAGE If you decide to store your air for a long time, then deflate completely. Before storing make sure your air is clean and dry. Protect her from the sun and store it in a place where you can protect from dust and any abrasive element. Following these tips will maintain the quality of your inflatable boat and you will enjoy it for a long longer.