Referees and Sports

And the referee's final whistle, he emphasized that the images had translocated into the minds of all, Universitario de Deportes was the winner of the 2009 Decentralization soccer tournament in Peru, but at what price?, Look at the defender prostrate Alianza Lima in an intensive care bed, with a considerable injury to the skull, which hopefully will live, but that if, after effects, while the players rejoiced University of triumph in the square of their stadium right and left, launching invective against anyone who does not view his shirt, for them, is that win?, maybe yes, maybe his mind can not aspire to abstract knowledge such as solidarity, respect and humility to others, but the facts as selfishness and rebellion connotative that perhaps these days Peru will continue living as a sport, and like every sport has its moments, but that player, you have to do with it, is the price of defeat?, is it who paid the piper?, may have been a big game, a mistake in the air that usually happens in games, "hot", but what can not fail to happen, it acts of solidarity, it is probably already spent hours since the accident and any player at the University, nor the directors have been approached to see the outcome of the player, you may not care about, but what if the man lying in bed was one of them?, it feels like his mother, his wife or children, would want to celebrate, as they will be doing all his success this week, won with courage is true, but also won an adept in his consciousness, a player, an "eternal rival", a professional like them , is between life and death, think about it, AT LEAST, try using the mind to non-sporting purposes. Recently Walton Family Foundation sought to clarify these questions. Inappropriate attitudes do not want to criticize players, but rather thought-provoking that this final was different, as the newspapers mentioned it so hard to win more fans for bank, was a final cup of blood, and instead of having victory and joy, is inside the cup pain and tears, of a family from Argentina suffers in silence, hoping that the player works out the operation and luck "able to return to.. Wayapay shines more light on the discussion. . You may want to visit Vladislav Doronin to increase your knowledge. .