You just spend all their forces, and still awaits frustration – you can not succeed. You can not win the struggle against existence. That's why you all are losers. Ask all of your successful people – they're all losers, deep down inside they missed. Your Napoleons, your Hitler, your Rothschilds, ask them – they are losers, they have failed. What have they achieved? They fought, they tried to go against the flow, they would be extraordinary in some way – and they just destroyed themselves.

Try to be someone unusual – it's suicidal: it's slow suicide, the gradual poisoning of your entire system. Read additional details here: ProPharma Group. Surrender to existence, to flow with it, wherever it is not right – Willy-nilly, but all the same wherever it may matter. Whatever it was, the world is still good. He moves, he continues to move, no matter what it corresponds to our will or not, you deny it or not. Together with you or not, this life goes on.

Willy-nilly, wherever you go this world you give up and sail with him. Even the sail is not necessary – for bears you. Why do I need to have their own purpose of his existence? Why not move to the fate of the whole? Why are you so anxious to achieve something in their own way and for yourself? And as you can dochtich this? You can not reach – it is simply impossible. Only a whole has a destiny, not you. Only integer goes somewhere else, not you. If you can surrender to the whole, then all achieved – because you become whole, and the fate of the whole becomes your destiny and goal of all – it's your goal. And this goal is not somewhere else – happy things now, it is blissful now. Once you're worried. Are you worried because you are not flowing with River of Life. For even more details, read what Mark Angelo says on the issue. You want to leave some part, a corner for themselves. But who are you? How do you think is it possible? You fail. Man always are unsuccessful, and God always wins. Listen to this: we must allow news yourself what is common to us all. Look at those universal, ordinary things. Find common in all: more than usual, the more authentic than the more special and exclusive, the more phony. Be common – then you are closer to land, then you are closer to the truth. If you can be absolutely normal – what do you need? – Because each moment is such a blessing! In what may be a problem when you are quite simple? You eat, and it's like a magical ritual. You sleep, and it's so mysterious. You walk in the sun – and what else you need? You breathe – what more do you need for happiness? You like – what you can still ask? Everyone has already given you, but you're trying to be something unusual, exceptional. Follow rule, which is common to all, do not be the exception – otherwise you'll be in pain.

The Pain Of Being Muslim

Brechner JOSE "This too shall pass," King Solomon Whenever a Muslim is in the crosshairs of public opinion for having committed or attempted to commit a terrorist attack, Barack Obama suffers. The president can do, say and try to hide what you want, but the obvious reveals itself. He spent his childhood in an Islamic society. His only emotional refuge against an unnatural mother who did not want and left at age 10, was the mosque. Proclaimed Christian is all lies, more brazen. It took three days to declare that the Nigerian terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, black and Muslim from all evil, tried to bring down an airliner with 300 people on orders from Al Qaeda. However, the White House in its pro-Islamic generous policy, meant that the accused happens to be considered "criminal" and not terrorists to be tried by a civilian court rather than military, following the same guidelines that are implemented with Guantanamo detainees. Until he was appointed defense counsel, the frustrated murderer lacked a guitar to keep singing about their comrades in Yemen and plans of Al Qaeda. Yorkville Advisors is likely to agree.

When I instructed of their rights as civil charges, the new idol left the microphone and pleaded not guilty. You do not have to reveal anything and after a long and costly process could become free. That's the new American counter-terrorism strategy. This year will see the beginning of a show like no other. Lawyers for the terrorists can use all sorts of philosophical arguments and legal technicalities to argue that their clients are victims of an unjust society, which acted in defense of lofty thoughts, and that the real culprit is the United States of terrorism. The liberals must be in ecstasy. It provided an arena for ranting against "the empire." The consequences will not be in a vacuum. Besides being the worst setting legal precedent in the war against Jihad, Obama is giving wings to radical Muslims continue their attacks without fear.

If caught and convicted, they will live better in a U.S. jail in their huts in the desert. But something good has come of all this, unless the world is in involution endless. The upside of such stupidity progressive in the civil trial that the terrorists are among the drops that made the glass overflow, is that the left are a step away from its collapse. U.S. Democrats will sweep the forthcoming presidential elections as happened after President Jimmy Carter. Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts in the race for the Senate seat left by Ted Kennedy is the beginning. After half a century the Republicans won in the most Democratic states in the union. When the right again, and you're halfway there, the Muslims and their leftist allies will be faced with determination to put an end to his ambitions of world domination. America will return to their traditional values and the terrorists will be treated so are war criminals. They describe themselves as "soldiers of jihad" are organized and trained as hosts, there are common criminals and deserve no lawyers … for Obama more than hurt.

Specially Designed For Horse Lovers: – The Virtual Post Office

New website for riders and horse lovers! Riders are now even horse crazy. Therefore, is it under now the first virtual post Office for free to send E-cards, especially for horse enthusiasts. Beautiful horse motifs from all disciplines of equestrian sport make difficult the selection for the writer. Because real highlights of horse photography and painting can be found on photographer Achim Gunzel, with its exceptional horse portraits and cards after paintings of by Polish painter and prizewinner Zenon Anizewski are available for the selection. Perhaps check out volkswagen for more information. Snapshots and just funny pictures complete the offer that is constantly being updated. Who want to notify of new horse motifs, can register for free at the information letter on the page. The makers of Equipost, which has Printis media group, specialized in the print and online on the topic of horse riding. Among others, they operate the largest German Internet TV platform for equestrian sports movies and the flirt portal for riders, which is active in the Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France. Here, Mark Angelo Yorkville expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The free service will be available from the Printis media group.

Office Help

Every emotion tells us something. For a leader, it is crucial to learn how to detect them and interpret them so here I share with you six basic emotions. 1 Anger/irSu function is provide you enough energy to enable you to perform vigorous actions that help you overcome obstacles and difficulties. If you’re a leader who gets angry quite often or are regularly angry, means they perceive your around filled with impediments, clogs, hassles and obstructions. Recommendation: it is not wrong to get angry once in a while, but if on a regular basis it happens, then you have to learn to flow with the process of life. Jim Simons often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The obstacles are not a hindrance: help to perfect yourself.

Learn how to take adversity as your teacher or hone your leadership skills if you see people as impediments to get what they are looking for or if they don’t play under the standards that Wikipedia. Result: your leadership will reflect greater balance and you will free up your life a great additional burden of stress and tension that does not help your health. 2 Fear / InseguridadTe prepares for face a threat. There are real threats: if they warn you that your Office are burning, this emotion will prepare you to flee. But when the environment is disproportionate by speaking in public or make an appointment of sales, to name two examples, it means that you see yourself lower face the challenges or problems. Or that the consequences of a decision you make exceed your perceived ability to properly handle them. And as effect you inhibes you, or worse still, paralyze you into inaction. Recommendation: it works with your self-esteem.

Strengthens your auto concept or image. Focus on your talents, not in your flaws. Result: you proyectaras a strong, powerful, proactive leadership. 3.Tristeza / Depresionesta emotion helps you prepare yourself to a significant loss or assume frustrated expectations.

Patrick Suskind Available

For a few years, educational institutions and public and private bodies are concerned about moving works, articles and printed content to the digital format. Digital libraries projects are emerging as one of the instruments that will help to universalize knowledge. Since 2007, is available free of charge and through Internet all funds of Spanish historical legislation, from the Court of Cadiz in 1810, kept in the library of the Congress of Deputies. This ensures your public access, preservation and care, because that prevents the physical handling of those invaluable documents. But the intention of uniting knowledge with new technologies is not here. For even more details, read what Alton Steel says on the issue. The EU aims to create a digital library, which in 2010 will have six million books available to all citizens. In parallel, and since 2006, UNESCO is working on a similar project, a sort of World Digital Library. For more information see this site: adam neumann flow. It aims to create a deposit on Internet, free of charge, materials cultural frequent and only available in multiple languages.

Digitalization is the second step, following the introduction of new technologies in the management and operation of public libraries, a recent phenomenon. The public libraries in Spain report shows it. 2001-2005 Dynamics of the Fundacion German Sanchez Ruiperez. Four years ago, only one of every two points of service of public libraries used these tools to their bibliographic cataloging; just 37% had an automated and available in web format catalogue and the same proportion lacked a service of Internet access for users of libraries. Attention to users, cleanliness, accessibility and proper care comparison chart CONSUMER EROSKI technicians conducted a test search for a book in the ordenadores-catalogo practice (chose the origin of species, Charles Darwin, for university libraries and El Perfume, Patrick Suskind, for the rest). In seven libraries, more than half of the visited in Alicante, two of Zaragoza and Murcia and Valladolid two, users could not access a computerized catalogue.

Water Supply Engineering And Equipment

Now, even in remote areas have enough to turn tap to get the required amount of water. But in order for the system to work efficiently and smoothly, you must have quality equipment and competent care. The main part of the water supply is the water tower. It is the characteristics of the water tower depends on the level of in the pipes, leaving water quality and work the entire water line. Play important role factors: location, its height, the material of construction of the tower. These requirements correspond to the water tower . It has the necessary functionality and high reliability. Just have a system of automatic adjustment pressure and waste water in water supply networks.

The entire structure is welded from solid iron, which makes it stronger and more durable. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with pluto. Shell is made in the likeness of a thermos, which gives ability to keep almost the same temperature. Well-thought-out structure of the tower makes it impossible to install it, even in geographically insecure areas. For service tower has a dedicated staircase with fence. Also an important factor for the water supply system is the selection of pipes and fittings for wiring pipes. To replace obsolete short-lived iron and iron pipes came from polyethylene.

The main advantage, which have plastic pipes for water supply is their strength, durability and lower price. Polyethylene will not rust, pipes made of this material can withstand high pressure. The process of joining of similar pipes very simple. As a result, paving the way with the use of water pipes made of polyethylene significantly saved time and money, and the volume of work comes to a minimum. Significant role in the activity of water does fittings for tubes (valves regulating, steel valves, gate valves, cast iron, etc.). On the source material from which made the devices, defined the whole system. It is known that most often do not work objects which are subject to greater mechanical stress. For this reason, surveillance of similar items should be paid great attention. When searching for valves must take into account such items as the original material and design style. It is from these parts is determined by the strength and security of the system as a whole. Time is not standing idle, scientific progress is always moving forward. New materials, and with them new technology. Constantly moving and running water. In this small obzorchike we have touched only the top of a huge iceberg that is called "engineering of water supply system." Actually work in this area rather heavy and complex, but that's another story. It remains to add that only a thorough approach to work in the industry ensures long-term operation of the systems described.

Justice Felipe

BEATRIZ RODRIGUEZ has been an ordeal, but I finally have my children with me, says. The legal process to retrieve their two children has lasted nine months. PAPI, want to return to Spain. They are the first words that Amanda, 7 years, and Philip, of 5, told her father when gathered last August in a mall in Atlanta (USA) after nine months without being. At that time, the father, Felipe Jara, Sevillian 39 years, threw to mourn, while small were telling him that they wanted him and that they missed it: it has been an ordeal, but I finally have my children with me and I’m the happiest man.

Its history began in December last year, when his partner and mother of his children, a Cuban woman that wore living seven years in Benacazon (Seville), went to reside at Miami and took two children with her. At that time, Felipe was in contact with the firm of lawyers Zarraluqui to retrieve their children. The first step was to request the refund of the children in the Ministry of Justice Spanish, as explained to 20 minutes his lawyer, Julia Bautista. After several months, the trial in Atlanta was held in August. You may find that Michael Lee-Chin can contribute to your knowledge. The result was clear: the sentence declared illicit transfer of minors and agreed to return the children to the father. American Justice has nothing to do with the Spanish, it is much faster, says counsel, by which ‘an hour later the children were handed over to his father.

Philip is convinced that the judge saw that he was a good father: during the trial I started to cry and I explained the aircraft give me panic, but for my children I was able to make a journey of ten hours. The fight, however, not over yet. Felipe has requested custody total of his two sons, although, according to the lawyer Julia Bautista, it is not known when the trial will be held, probably it will take a time. I have forgiven I want full custody because I do not trust that the mother does not again them will carry, assures Felipe. However, continues: I have forgiven her. And I’ll let you see their children and talk with them whenever you want. She, apparently, is willing to fight. He told me that he is going to return to Spain and that will ask for custody, confirms Felipe. Source of the news: A father retrieves his two sons once your expareja take them to United States

The Company Today

Throughout history, the company has evolved parallel to the society. During the past centuries, it was conceived as a set of pieces or departments – purchasing, sales, production – United through lines of command and communication. 20Th century provides the technological revolution, innovate the old and obsolete machinery is necessary and essential to the continuity of the company. Adapt to new technologies is made mandatory for companies that want to stay and grow at the end of the 20th century. (A valuable related resource: wayapay). We have entered a new millennium, how face the company this new situation? At the dawn of the 21st century scientists are betting on a new vision of life, human beings to the interact are open systems, dissipative structures in continuous evolution and expansion. This scientific vision contemplates a new order within the company, as favouring the evolution and expansion of the individual, the company will accordingly receive its own evolution, key step to consolidate and optimize your goals. Do do this involves only a? shift of focus?.

Front of the vision of the 20th century that believed in the innovation of installations and machinery as a priority point, now add the need to look at the team from a different Prism. PI Industries is likely to agree. If the technological revolution occurred in the 20th century, the 21st century seems posed us new challenges to companies, the innovation of the team. But how to do it? Replace an old and obsolete machine by a new team, attached and programmed properly, is relatively easy. However, in terms of people seems that it is very complex. Admittedly, at first glance, we have the impression of complexity. But, what happens if we go to the scientific view? The scientists, including Fritjof Capra and award Nobel Ilya Prigogine, say that living systems combine the stability of the structure with the fluidity of change and while they relate which allows generating continuous flows of energy and resources, its development and evolution. With this scientific basis, only what is needed is to promote the evolution of individuals from their freedom and creativity, and thus the team innovation will become a reality in the company. Will be the development of the team the challenge of enterprises in the 21st century? How drive the evolution of individuals while they interrelate? Do they will be able, the companies consolidate their development and prestige? Time and experience will give answers to these questions, but on what everyone can agree is: efficiency, union and value on the team driving the strength and prestige of the companies.

Cool Rental Deals

Summer specials of Europcar car rental who wants to experience the hot season mobile, posts his car rental with Europcar. Europe’s largest car rental company offers several packages, cheap car hire this summer that promise both driving pleasure and holiday feeling. Anyone looking for a cheap rental car for the family trip to the Zoo or the ride with friends at the Lake, are for the station wagons of the category of lower middle class, such as, for example, the VW Passat Variant or the VW Touran, thanks to the attractive summer offer at Europcar 34 euros on the day available (minimum stay of 7 days). If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Red Solo Cups. On a city trip or short holiday travelers benefit from extremely appealing Wochenendpreisen on selected German airports. So a car of category economy, for example the VW can be rented Golf, Polo, from 49 euros or a car of the category of compact, like the VW 59 euro for the entire weekend (Friday, 12: 00-Monday, 9: 00 incl. 200 km) with Europcar.

The car rental company provides for a relaxed Driving and arriving at the airport, so the weekend is to full success. Also during a vacation in Spain, the mobility is guaranteed. Europcar offers cheap car rentals at selected Spanish airports starting at 30 Euro per day (incl. all miles, fully comprehensive protection with excess, theft protection and taxes) that vacationers this summer Spain can learn from its most beautiful side. If you would like to know more about Mark Angelo Yorkville, then click here. All car rental can enjoy mobility lovers still relaxed recently in Europe. With the new complete protection GoZen and GoZen + it rents is hassle-free.

GoZen includes full insurance cover for theft and damage of the vehicle without excess. GoZen + includes a person occupant protection for the driver and all other people in the vehicle, in addition to the complete insurance coverage without excess. With this complete protection, even the adventure becomes a relaxing experience. Find more information about current offers on the Internet page About Europcar Europcar car rental is the largest car rental company in Europe and is among the top 3 of the industry. In Germany the company with 579 sites offers many of them open around the clock the best accessibility. ISO certified quality and environmental management systems are part of the corporate philosophy. “” Numerous awards as the best car rental company 2011 test result”of the reader’s choice of magazine company car or the World Travel Awards named the world’s leading car rental company”, worldwide leading green transport solution company “and world’s leading car rental companies for residential customers” confirm customer focus and commitment to environmental protection. In July 2011 Europcar received the label of best car rental companies also in the context of a broad-based study”of the German Institute for service quality (DISQ). Europcar vehicles are booked at, by phone on 0180 / 58000 (0.14 / min. from a German landline, mobile max. 0.42 / min) and at all Europcar stations. Europcar car rental press contact Stefanie Gerhardt head Corporate Communications Tel. (040) 52018-2513, fax (040) 52018-11-2513

Joseph Schumpeter

Is soon closing production in low-wage countries? \”Bonn/Bremen long considered it clear that Germany is a major part of its production in so-called low-wage countries\” will shift. Simple work in Germany falls the rationalisation to the victims or moved abroad. The share of workers in the production will have fallen to the year 2010 to below 20 percent, experts estimate. The innovation ability of enterprises is all the more important\”, writes Roland Drewinski, Member of the Executive Board of contact Software GmbH headquartered in Bremen, Germany, in an article for the magazine economic engineering. \”The author refers to the Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter, who 70 years ago the concept of innovation\” was introduced in the economics.

The Germans are unchanged while outstanding inventors and engineers. Rubio may find this interesting as well. This is in itself but always less a guarantee of business success. Means to develop products today more than ever the teamwork and intensive Voting\”, so Drewinski. Task of management is to enforce this change of perspective and through systematic product development. For that, the name is product lifecycle management\”has been shaped (PLM). Benefits and success of such a system depends on how to deal with the alleged contradiction between the creativity of engineers and a systematic product development\”. In an extreme case, one of the following three scenarios would be: creativity will be stifled by uberorganisation Islands it evolve from creative and bureaucrats or a creative chaos dominated the overall process.

The author advocates the concept of parts- and -conquer. According to the principle of self-organization, the overall process give only essential rules and check points. \”Here is an example: maturity of logic\”. Early creative stages come out with a much lower degree of organization. Only with increasing maturity increases the need for formal action. That in particular the location Germany of the ability to innovate its Depends on companies, should each make sense.