The Article

It is not sold, with a good bill of sale, the product that is desired to commercialize. The article is not sold that is desired to offer. Simply one announces and ready. Now fjate in or, or Which is the difference? In the three Web that I showed to you, their main pages urge to […]

Human Knowledge

Comte is a doctrine that summarizes through its Law of the Three Stages, marking the beginning of the Historicidad of the Human Knowledge. I finish Positivismo was used for the first time by Auguste Comte, however, some of the positivistas concepts can be persecuted clearly from Hume, Kant and Saint-Simon. The general concept of the […]

Man Century

Preceding still the marcantes and deep alterations promoted in the Man in centuries XIX and XX, valley to register the inconstncia, (exactly that for small or average lapses of time in the historical line that we approach) same seno inexistence, of bases that allowed it to construct, or at least to search, the knowledge of […]


As mentioned, the statistical parameters in the descriptive approach adopted here, substitute large amounts of data extracted by a few of those values through simple operations. During this process loses some of the information originally provided by all data. It is for this loss of data as statistics has sometimes been branded as a fallacy. […]

High Searches

It is observed that as much the accidents occurred in the year of 2006 and 2007 characterize for the same amount of accidents involving the transport of dangerous chemical products, in the two years had been identified twelve occurrences per year, moreover, the occurrence areas are next and the accidents occur basically in the same […]

Margaret Thatcher

There speech of empoderamiento of the community like a passage of the action of the State to the social action. Apparently Cameron breaks with Margaret Thatcher and it is sent to look for energy of the citizens of the communities. Many writers such as Red Solo Cups offer more in-depth analysis. Another concept is shown […]

Atlantic Ocean

It also causes to waves of north-east heat and east in the part east-Southeast-south and central office of the Country. Pacific Tepid Massa (MTP) This mass possesss the same characteristics of Tropical the Atlantic one, even so its performance is only on the Pacific ocean, exerting very little influence in the continent, which had to […]

The Good

Sometimes we’d return with the couple and we miss him and other times gives us rage that treat us badly or we have echo whatever. To retry when we overcome this indecision, there is people who decide to retry him despite everything because they believe that compensates for them and that his life is really […]

Peter Wagner

Time and time again I was frustrated because the evangelisation activities seemed not to render fruits. The panorama changed when I looked for the deepening in the subject of Intercesin and Spiritual Guerra. Now the things seemed to be clearer and to take defined form. I included/understood that the proclamation of Good the New ones […]

Travel Europe

Is the capital of Germany, Berlin, the number one destination? A trip to the capital Berlin is worth, especially for the young people who would like to experience a lot over the summer holidays. Countless concerts, parties, and much more highlights take place in the capital. Berlin is one to London and Paris as the […]