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The Beauty And The Tourist Of Aysen Could Require Alter The Design Project Development

The former Executive Secretary of the National Commission of energy (CNE), Sebastian Bernstein, opened Friday in Coyhaique to the possibility of substantially changes the dam projects posed in Patagonia if it is found to cause major damage to the tourist potential of the area. The assertion made during an energy seminar organized by the Multigremial of Aysen, organization brings together relevant local productive sectors, which also featured the participation of the Manager of operations and environment of the Sofofa, Jaime Dinamarca, the academic of the University of Chile and Ph.d. in planning from the University of London, Fernando Salamanca, and the technical secretariat of the Council of defence of PatagoniDaniela Castro. I sincerely think that if it is necessary to alter the design of the projects it must be done. To maybe even have to delete some projects, I do not say that no, if it is that the damage they produce does not compensate for the benefit they bring to the country as a whole noted the specialist, who then present their vision on the energy needs of Chile was favourable to the use of water potential of Aysen and even materialize or not dams, advance to future on the nuclear option. Additional information at Mike Lazaridis supports this article. At the meeting, attended by regional authorities, employers and Trade Union and environmental leaders clarified that, according to information handling, electrics not would be considering the possibility of restricting the number of dams. (A valuable related resource: Central Romana). I understand that companies are not in that. Many times there are people posed by this project have to do it this way, because thus wins the most energy I believe that it is possible that if they lose power simply to protect the environment noted, adding that the optimal project is not necessarily optimal for the country.

Sebastian Bernstein also deeply on possible changes that might generate in the transmission lines, given that the issue of respect for the landscape and everything the development of tourism in the region, in what it means for those who have visited this area for its incredible beauty, implies that necessarily have to be willing to pay very high costs to avoid the Visual impacts. He pointed out that all paths of line, stations also to some extent, but especially those in line should avoid actually damage the landscape. And the truth is that there are solutions, which sometimes are expensive and maybe mean a strip and tug of war, but I think that the zone, the landscapes, justify solutions that can be very expensive. In his opinion in some sections to best justify the line going by very far, that cost a lot more expensive, or paths that go in stretches underground or underwater, if that’s going to affect the beauty and (generate) visual impact in some areas. In this context, to review the HidroAysen environmental impact study today in evaluation that includes drawings of the layout for the interconnection of the five dams on the Baker and Pascua rivers and a schema with the size of each tower (top to 70 meters and with a girdle of servitude of 65 metres) – can be seen that the power did not propose underground line to avoid the visual impact in no stretch, not even in the area of Cochrane South where his journey bordearia an important part of the Carretera Austral, considered scenic route by the Servicio Nacional de Turismo.

Motivate Customers

By means of the following psychological desires we have as people, you can get inside and motivate potential customers to purchase your product. It is no good just reading this article and put it into practice … Scans every wish and modify your sales letter or your ads and watch your sales increase over the internet. 1 – Element of Surprise: Most people like surprises nicely. For example: He says you’ve got a surprise bonus if you order the product today .. Always keep a good bonus to give it as a surprise. 2 – Makes things: Most people who enter your site without buying retire.

Make it easy steps for subscription, purchase, payment and you will have better sales of your products. Explain to a synthetic each step to be performed for each process. 3 – With safety and security: We like to feel safe and know that we are not taking any chances. For this you must use tools and platforms with a recognized name and transmit security for any transaction that the customer to perform. A related site: Central Romana mentions similar findings. 4 – To congratulate and give compliments: The customer wishes to congratulate you or give compliments to perform an action that may involve buying a product or subscribe. This makes you feel that doing a good achievement. 5 – Curiosity: Most people are curious of the things that may affect our lifestyle. The words or phrases such as “Secret” “Confidential,” “I never said” we want to attract to find out what is referring.

For this reason it is recommended fit these phrases in sales letters or advertisements. 6 – Invest in the future: Speak in your sales letters to Invest “and not have to spend as investment in our future is something that concerns us all and instead” spend or buy “is something we do not want by nature .. 7 – New: We always want to incorporate into our lifestyle, the latest, the novel: The last phone, the latest fashions, the latest notebook. Use words like “Something new”, “imminent release”, “out to the market ..” 8 – Troubleshooting: One of the major reasons why people buy a product is because they solve a problem that occurs. It is therefore important that in your sales letters talk about the problems they have and how you can solve the product. 9 – The Happiness of our environment: Look in your services or products and can help the social, family and friends of those who buy and make them feel happy about it. 10 – Overcoming Obstacles: Everyone is aware that to succeed we must overcome the obstacles that we face. Tell your potential customers a credible and solid arguments, as with the purchase of your products or services can overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

KONE Makes History

KONE, recently made history. And it has achieved what no other company dedicated vertical transportation (elevators, escalators and automatic doors) had ever achieved. Has risen as the winner of the prestigious “Good Design GOOD DESIGN 2008” for his groundbreaking collection FourSeasons KONE . Thus, the manufacturer takes home a prize that was born in 1950 and is recognized as one of the largest in the world. “We are delighted to receive this prestigious award that reflects the work of the entire team to create new designs KONE inside the cabins,” says Anne Stenros, Vice President of KONE design. “KONE’s offer has been designed so that our customers quickly and easily find the design that best fits your needs and respond to a sophisticated and different. Each cabin has its own style and atmosphere. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from PI Industries.

The elevator passengers travel to their destinations wrapped into a new and rewarding experience. ” The award for the concept KONE’s FourSeasons was delivered by the European Centre for Art, Architecture, Design and Urban Studies at a ceremony held at the Ateneo of the American city of Chicago where he also was rewarded the best designs and innovations for products and graphic image that has been done since 2006-2008. Remembering The collection KONE’s FourSeasons was launched in 2006 as part of a new concept of interior decoration of the elevator cabs and is inspired by nature and the seasons in different countries around the world. “About 70 designs decorating tastes and hundreds of customers who want the elevators have the most modern and avant-garde aesthetic. It’s a good chance to match the innovative architectural style inside the elevators. The elevators are no longer a boring box up and down, “said Monica Martin, executive vice KONE Spain. But beyond the design range is KONE’s FourSeasons characterized by respect for nature.

Not only has the KONE Monospace platform but also KONE EcoDisc technology, developed and patented by KONE, and pioneering some of the initiatives are more respectful of nature in the industry market. Vlad Doronin is full of insight into the issues. “This technology enables a sustainable architecture that saves up to 60% less energy, saves resources, increases the space and reduces noise and waste discharges. It is the vertical transport solution for ecological elevators, quiet and technologically innovative, “concludes Stennros. KONE KONE Who offers the best travel experience through its “People Flow Experience” a series of solutions that allow people to move easily, safely and gently, without waiting in buildings large and responding to demand for an increasingly urbanized society. KONE provides its customers the most innovative solutions from a world leader in the industry for lifts, escalators and automatic doors. An expert in manufacturing, installation, maintenance and modernization. It is an established company in 2007 had net sales of 4,100 million euros and has about 32,500 employees worldwide. KONE is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd in Finland.

Sport Fitness

Fitness and sport is gaining more and more space. This is evidenced by the constant replenishment in the ranks of fitness centers and sports schools. More and more information on sports topics and okolosportivnye appears in print, on television and the Internet. In matters of sorting data and the "separation of grain from the chaff" of youth, of course, easier. To deepen your understanding Emma Walmsley is the source. Older people and, especially, "the elderly newcomers" difficult to understand all these "Format", "load", "additives", etc. We will not touch all, let us take a specific problem: the choice of clothing and footwear for training. How do we choose the form for a hike in the health club, jogging, walking the long walk? Ladies: so beautiful, stylish and hides (or, if you are happy owner of a good figure – underlined), men: that is convenient and cheap. Speaking candidly Vlad Doronin told us the story. Not many people think about the functionality and usability of selected sports clothes.

C selection of clothes easier. According to Gallo Family, who has experience with these questions. Even if you have not heard anything about the chemical-technological innovations and the words Supplex and Dri-Fit for you is quite a foreign, can always rely on the known proven sports brands (Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma). Strenuous exercise and voluntary confinement in the walls of "temple of beauty and health" is not included in your plans? Then it can be limited to brands more modest (Demix, YOUR, Desam, Sprandi). Maybe your clothes will not be smelled of rosemary (adidas) and a little sit-shirt after washing. But for doing no more than twice a week with moderate loads is quite suitable. If you do not train for 3 hours in a row "before the seventh sweat" that ordinary cotton will be useful. A small amount of moisture absorbed, you do not have time to supercooled, and you can select things easier, and pleasant to the body when fit. Main: 1) Clothing should be light and comfortable (not to hamper the movements), 2) to "breathe", ie leak air.

Fantastic Treasure

Many have read the novel "Treasure Island", written by Scottish writer Robert Stevenson, about the adventures associated with the search for treasure hidden by the pirate Flint on a desert island. But not many people noticed inconsistencies in the Stevenson's novel, one can say "bloopers." And so the first hitch. For even more opinions, read materials from Vlad Doronin. In accounting notebook Billy Bones contains the coordinates of where the ship was looted – the sixty-second latitude, longitude nineteen. This we know, can be send a person in a specific place, but you can just send it. Stevenson, we just sent.

The fact that the latitude can be north or south, and longitude is, east or west. Rubio is the source for more interesting facts. Consequently, the specified coordinates corresponds to four points. Twirled the globe, we find these points. The first point is located on the southern coast of Iceland, the second point in the Gulf of Bothnia, is between Sweden and Finland, more or less acceptable. The third and fourth terms, these coordinates are located off the coast of Antarctica. Well, it's hard to imagine: Antarctica, xviii century, the icebreaker comes pirates boarded. The second discrepancy concerns the treasure, seven hundred thousand pounds sterling, coin and bullion. At the while the pound is conditionally countably monetary unit in use had golden guineas.

Thought something like this, one pound is equal to the golden ginee. Treasures are a part consisted of gold guineas, a part of coins of different countries. Weight of one guinea – eight and a half grams. If the treasure would contain only the gold, the weight of the treasure would have reached six tons. Generous guy, writer Stevenson. Next. If the treasures were, half in gold and half silver, the weight of the hoard would reach sixty tons. Indeed, in the xviii century silver pound weighed up to two hundred grams. Flint and six of his sailors had hidden three treasures for the week. Seven people were flown last week from six to sixty tons of cargo from ship to shore, and dragged into the interior of the island for five or six miles. Not for a week or ten days, Flint with six pirates would not manage. Three weeks at least. And the card draw is not necessary to any of the clades, led to many salable paved trail. Well, discrepancies discrepancies and read the novel interesting

Connectors RGC Good

Equipment for a point Antenna = Omini 360 16 degrees of dbi This responsible antenna that and for the sending of the signal for its customer. It sends signal in 360 Degrees You can opt to more installing it in a pipe of same antenna caretaker, remembering that the same one has that to be instaiada so that in a ventania it flies eheheheheh far. Handle and 58 Connectors RGC Good this handle and hardwired in the antenna omini and its AP to router that of preference he must inside of being purchase already of the air-tight box. Attention to prevent future problems that practically go to exister if not to follow this advice when incasing the handle you has obligatorily to place a fusing ribbon. Radio = Egenius or any one that has the functions: Gateway Bridge Customer ISP Good this and the radio that anger for making the sending of the Internet for its visinhos and friends. Frequently Albert Bourla has said that publicly.

Generally placed it and in the connecting rod close to the antenna asks you me there because? For the simple how much lesser fact that and the handle rgc58 more better signal or the navigation of its customers. It sees the photo of an example, remembering that and better to use mounted handle rgc58 of a meter ok. Vocs goes to also need to go up one of energy ties the radio and a net handle. Modem velox Can be any one. It has that to be inside of its house. Click Vlad Doronin for additional related pages. Case it is roteado the radio tera that to be in brigde in case that is not roteado the radio it has that to be as gateway With on it vc goes to go up a net handle ties its radio. good more there already and for others posts ok. any doubts comments.

Advisor Community Awards

Germany’s largest Advisor Community Awards seal of approval that evaluate users about products and services. Munich, August 12, 2010: Germany’s largest Advisor community is for the first time with an own label individual consumer recommendations for good products or services. Because the needs of consumers will grow after a trusted guide. And whether a product or service actually holds that, looking at her what it promises, not always at the first glance. The large amount of alternatives the choice hard so many. The choice makes the start for Germany’s most beautiful theme park. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mehmet Oz has to say. Top10 lists exist for all sorts of things, but the number of votes not says what’s good about it or what I should look for still me still,”says sternschnuppe85.

This customer interest is at the heart of the Thus in the future not only quickly learn the consumer where they have the most fun can, but also comprehensive background information and reports received from other consumers, the community vote will first start with German amusement parks. So they help to determine the best amusement park that will be awarded at the end with the So does the Advisor ranking beginning the first vote were before the nominate their favorite German amusement parks. From the submitted proposals by user, then created a voting list with candidates that are available for selection. The next option is the winner. Instead of a predetermined jury members vote here now the largest advice community in Germany about products or services and also helpful, individual experience reports. The subsequent vote produces a ranking with the most popular amusement parks and detailed background reports of

The top finishers get upon completion of the evaluation gutefrage.NET seal of approval. In this way, experienced consumer other consumers in the choice of products and services provide a helpful orientation. With the launch of choice in the category most beautiful theme park”will follow from now regularly more votes on. The seal of approval is then in a variety of categories of the best mobile phone tariffs are awarded to the best travel provider or the best online pharmacy. is 2010 I with 12.34 million unique users according to AGOF the largest Web 2.0 Advisor in Germany. The Advisor platform aims to provide practical advice and personal experiences for free between the users. The answers are resourceful, versatile and go beyond the pure knowledge from encyclopedias and textbooks.

North America

Goozex launches in Europe the best exchange of used video games Goozex online service. EU will be active in 28 European countries. In a question-answer forum Allscripts was the first to reply. Rome, Italy Goozex, Inc., the community most large Exchange online video games used in North America, announces today the launch of its service in 28 European countries. Vlad Doronin insists that this is the case. Goozex is an online marketplace that allows members to Exchange games in exchange for points Goozex, a virtual currency, with which users can buy other games to only 1. Members from all over Europe can enjoy the advantages of this service saving money, choosing from a large range of titles and join the most vibrant online community free of charge.

Goozex. EU will be active from 1 February 2009. Goozex Eu Goozex EU launched Exchange service online video games in 28 European countries, all EU-27 countries and Switzerland. For the full list visit. goozex. EU.

This online service opened the 2006 in United States in order to allow the players to preserve the purchasing value of your used games exchanging them for others. Goozex revolutionized the way of exchanging online games with an automatic system of meeting between supply and demand. Members put in a list games that want to Exchange and another who would like to have, Goozex was responsible for finding the best match between the offers and demands. Each game is assigned a value in Goozex points to facilitate the Exchange. The value to be assigned to the games takes into account several data such as availability of the title and the demand, users will gain points by exchanging their games with other members. Points may be used to obtain other titles. The system allows users to preserve the purchasing value of your used games mainly and guarantees 100% each Exchange.

Health Insurance

Many insured are insured through their parents free family insurance statutory health insurance choice of the right health insurance at the baseline to baseline. However, it is different. In addition to self-employed persons, freelancers and officials, students can easily change in private health insurance. Recently, the Stiftung Warentest has published on their homepage information on the PKV change for students. Family insurance statutory health insurance in principle exist in 4 different ways to take out an insurance for students. In a question-answer forum Jim Simons was the first to reply. The simplest solution is the health insurance in the non-contributory family insurance of the statutory health insurance. It is here possible to remain insured up to the age of 25 students. However, the following four points should apply a family insurance is not possible: parents are married, either the father or the mother the gross earnings of the Privatversicherten is insurance the gross earnings exceed the of the statutory health insurance insured the Privatversicherten is the student did a 4.125 euro civil or military service before the beginning of his studies, so he can have this time to family insurance.

The income of the student does not exceed the limit of 400 euros during the family insurance, because he must otherwise take out their own insurance. Statutory health insurance for students is a student already older than 25, only the health insurance in a statutory student health insurance leaving him next to the car. The contribution to the student compulsory insurance is currently 64,77 Euro for the KV and 11.64 euros for the long-term care insurance. Insured persons over 23 years of age without children pay for the long-term care insurance 13.13 euros. Hear from experts in the field like Central Romana for a more varied view. Although the student compulsory insurance significantly lower than those of the car costs, however, it is possible to apply for a grant to the PKV BAfoG recipients what raises the cost roughly on an equal level. Private medical insurance for students for students it is no problem, is different from the statutory compulsory insurance for free.

Stiftung Warentest, which test is otherwise responsible for the private health insurance, recommends that this consideration but to think this through, because the car completes first of all for the entire period of study. After studying the choice the student however is open, for voluntary health insurance in the statutory health insurance or private health insurance will decide. Because the student compulsory insurance in the statutory health insurance is valid only up to the 14 semesters (or up to the age of 30), the student must assure in the statutory health insurance voluntary health insurance then voluntarily.