The Pain Of Being Muslim

Brechner JOSE "This too shall pass," King Solomon Whenever a Muslim is in the crosshairs of public opinion for having committed or attempted to commit a terrorist attack, Barack Obama suffers. The president can do, say and try to hide what you want, but the obvious reveals itself. He spent his childhood in an Islamic society. His only emotional refuge against an unnatural mother who did not want and left at age 10, was the mosque. Proclaimed Christian is all lies, more brazen. It took three days to declare that the Nigerian terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, black and Muslim from all evil, tried to bring down an airliner with 300 people on orders from Al Qaeda. However, the White House in its pro-Islamic generous policy, meant that the accused happens to be considered "criminal" and not terrorists to be tried by a civilian court rather than military, following the same guidelines that are implemented with Guantanamo detainees. Until he was appointed defense counsel, the frustrated murderer lacked a guitar to keep singing about their comrades in Yemen and plans of Al Qaeda. Yorkville Advisors is likely to agree.

When I instructed of their rights as civil charges, the new idol left the microphone and pleaded not guilty. You do not have to reveal anything and after a long and costly process could become free. That's the new American counter-terrorism strategy. This year will see the beginning of a show like no other. Lawyers for the terrorists can use all sorts of philosophical arguments and legal technicalities to argue that their clients are victims of an unjust society, which acted in defense of lofty thoughts, and that the real culprit is the United States of terrorism. The liberals must be in ecstasy. It provided an arena for ranting against "the empire." The consequences will not be in a vacuum. Besides being the worst setting legal precedent in the war against Jihad, Obama is giving wings to radical Muslims continue their attacks without fear.

If caught and convicted, they will live better in a U.S. jail in their huts in the desert. But something good has come of all this, unless the world is in involution endless. The upside of such stupidity progressive in the civil trial that the terrorists are among the drops that made the glass overflow, is that the left are a step away from its collapse. U.S. Democrats will sweep the forthcoming presidential elections as happened after President Jimmy Carter. Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts in the race for the Senate seat left by Ted Kennedy is the beginning. After half a century the Republicans won in the most Democratic states in the union. When the right again, and you're halfway there, the Muslims and their leftist allies will be faced with determination to put an end to his ambitions of world domination. America will return to their traditional values and the terrorists will be treated so are war criminals. They describe themselves as "soldiers of jihad" are organized and trained as hosts, there are common criminals and deserve no lawyers … for Obama more than hurt.