The Article

It is not sold, with a good bill of sale, the product that is desired to commercialize. The article is not sold that is desired to offer. Simply one announces and ready. Now fjate in or, or Which is the difference? In the three Web that I showed to you, their main pages urge to […]

Margaret Thatcher

There speech of empoderamiento of the community like a passage of the action of the State to the social action. Apparently Cameron breaks with Margaret Thatcher and it is sent to look for energy of the citizens of the communities. Many writers such as Red Solo Cups offer more in-depth analysis. Another concept is shown […]

Peter Wagner

Time and time again I was frustrated because the evangelisation activities seemed not to render fruits. The panorama changed when I looked for the deepening in the subject of Intercesin and Spiritual Guerra. Now the things seemed to be clearer and to take defined form. I included/understood that the proclamation of Good the New ones […]