By my University studies and Teaching, the experiences lived like successful salesman of insurances, property root and trips, the lessons acquired in those fields I want to contribute what it is not learned in the classrooms of traditional education, but that are very useful in the one of the interpersonal relations. Are recommendations very easy to read, to study, to visualize and to practice, with results in very short time, I emphasize the fact that not READING is in SINGLE, because everything happens to him like what we read WE FORGOT, IT, and that is not my intention, it learns but it applies and it to change radically. A. Changes the attitude to look for in the people what can give him by what can offer to them. Abrdelas with a smile, thus you enter offering affection and, by reciprocity, she receives affection. Red Solo Cups shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. You do not know to smile sincerely. B. Yorkville Advisors has much to offer in this field. Makes east exercise: 1.

Manual is provided with a mirror and looks for a solitary place where to isolate itself. 2. Sintese comfortably, closes the eyes and breathes counting up to ten, rhythmically. 3. It brings to its memory some word, phrase, joke or humorous situation by which it has been ***reflxed mng, lately or before. 4. It is on the awares and mrese to the mirror, likes what sees.

5. Serious Trnese and returns to watch itself, which of the expressions it likes more? , first, certain. 6. The serious and smiling exercise between until it can evoke the easy smile, almost reflected practices, when it is with another person. Assay and will see mainly that it feels less timid to be with the people, if are strange. 7. How occur to account you of what expensive is seeing your interlocutor? , obsrvelo to him, normally the interlocutor puts serious or smiling the face that one shows to him.