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During the time of the Mexican gold cinema, many were the stars of national and international the spectacle that succumbed before the enchantments of the beaches that form the bay of Acapulco. Texas children’s hospital is often mentioned in discussions such as these. From the decade of 1950, with the boom in his constructions of vanguard and high altitude, many men and women of the nonsense, industralists and foreigners generally, they looked for to be proprietors of some land, suite, or any space who offered peace, tranquillity and sun them in the guerrerense port. The Pachuco de Oro, Germa’n Genaro Cipriano Go’mez Buckets Castle, better well-known like Tin-Tn, was one more of the artists of the time of gold of the Mexican cinema that fell tired before the magic of beaches of Acapulco. Biographers and specialistic reporters in the life of the comedian, constantly mention their passion by the guerrerense coast; thus in the unpublished history of Tin. will not settle for partial explanations. – So biography written and commented by their Rosala daughter, recalls adventures that the actor in the bay lived with which it had two children, their yachts Tintanvento I and II. In each opportunity that it had, Tin-tn approached its Cadillac and fled from the stress produced by the City of Mexico, of the debilitating work, the shootings and of the pressures of its second marriage, its destiny always was Acapulco. It went there with friendly, relatives or only, in search of the consolation that the waves of the sea offered him. Or fishing, parranda or enjoying their yachts, in company of their friendships and sometimes until with strangers, Germa’n Buckets took advantage of every moment that happened so in his yearned for sea acapulqueo, lived every moment to the maximum.

Some anecdotes of people got who it to know remember, it always happy, smoking, drinking and making friendly throughout the coast. Its passion by took it to the bay to suggest its producers that the recordings of films with marine subjects were realised in beaches and hotels in Acapulco, between that we counted: Simbad the Been annoying one, the coffer of the pirate, the treasure of King Salomn, Tintansn Cruzoe, Captain Mantarraya, Can Abel and the other and Acapulco 12 22. Tintanvento II was the main scene of Captain Mantarraya, unique film that managed to produce entirely with its money, but, unfortunately, it did not run with the fortune to be a cinematographic success. In 2004, the port of Acapulco was thankful for the affection deposited by the Pachuco of gold and a bronze sculpture of 400 kilograms and 2,5 meters of height realised by Ariel artist of the Rock paid a sensible tribute to him when revealing Ruiz..

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