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market to imports allowed countries like Japan and the Asian tigers known to ascend in the international market, followed by the Latin countries, Chile, Brazil, who opened their markets unilaterally. Vladislav Doronin contributes greatly to this topic. The future of the globalization of markets is not very clear, but what is certain is the fact that true globalization is only possible once the differences in income, wages, social and environmental protection, and standard of living, are equated equally between the economic blocs of the world, competition is perceived as fair. It is necessary for companies operating in this period should be prepared from its administrative structure, process management, mission in order to be competitive, to properly use the marketing side, relational, environmental, electronic, adapt to change and generate new transformations innovative, flexible and capable of adapting to the international market. The economy of the companies based on the value of knowledge, information and innovation: It is said by scholars of the new approach, rotation of the companies no longer will be as important competitive advantage based on the existence of natural resources in economies of scale or production capacity, unlike the companies will be competitive to the extent that they are informed and in constant innovation, reflecting the fact that a company that does not have the knowledge and appropriate technology to this historic moment living, will have very little chance of surviving in this new millennium. Unfortunately, a sad reality in many companies in the Venezuelan business sector, who has very little concern about the changes that the present application, when the current government more favorable opportunities, and threats. .