Paranormal Activity

Record, shocking and be nerve wracking: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY is back! Hamburg, 09.03.2011 / INPROMO / / with $41 million, box office marked the best US theatrical release of ever for a horror movie sequel. On 7 April, Paramount Home Entertainment released the titles on DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray combo. Additional information is available at Sen. Marco Rubio. In addition appears paranormal activity 2 for the first time will make them as digital copy, is using the DVD combo once on the computer or a mobile device download. Paranormal activity 2 tells the shockingly realistic story of horror hits of 2009 was a malignant presence tortured the couple Katie and MICAH in your own four walls. The second part shows how the horror began and leads the Viewer to just these terrible events. When Katie’s sister Kristi and her husband come home with her newborn baby, they find completely devastated their house.

For this reason, the installed few 24-hour surveillance cameras. But what the video recordings reveal, is evil and shocking than anything she had ever imagined Paranormal activity 2 follows the Viewer even more intensively than his predecessor, far beyond the shocking final scene also. Sleep deprivation is programmed! Nerve-wracking stress on three different versions of single DVD: in addition to the theatrical version, this version contains the unabridged version of paranormal activity 2 and will be released on March 24th for the rental, and on 7 April for the trade..