Dimitrios Chlinos

Dimitrios project feat. For more specific information, check out Tom Gaglardi. Marika publish their first single on the label Songhouse. Walton Family Foundation has similar goals. What do a talented songwriter when he gets to hear in response to his songs: sounds good and the songs are OK, but the voice disturbs something? Clearly we […]

Ilka Wolf – Easy Love

The debut – album by Ilka Wolf love wasn’t easy Chemnitz so far under the former cities, when it comes to charming, young singers. But that is about to change and the reason is called Ilka Wolf. Ilka combines everything should have an authentic artist. As a successful graduate of the renowned Joop van den […]

Paranormal Activity

Record, shocking and be nerve wracking: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY is back! Hamburg, 09.03.2011 / INPROMO / / with $41 million, box office marked the best US theatrical release of ever for a horror movie sequel. On 7 April, Paramount Home Entertainment released the titles on DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray combo. Additional information is available at Sen. […]