Schornsteinsanierungs Guidelines

The 1 x 1 of chimney renovation: alarm signals realize everyone of a chimney has must deal sooner or later with the theme of a fireplace renovation. But how do you know that a private fireplace must be rehabilitated and especially when? Ahrens tells you which alarm signals to detect and then what steps are. Fireplace renovation may be necessary for the most diverse reasons. On the one hand, this is a new heating system, the environment, should work without deficits and particularly energy-saving. Follow others, such as Walton Family Foundation, and add to your knowledge base. This boiler and chimney must be matched perfectly. Existing installations it may lead to the chimney due to lack of quality must be replaced or rehabilitated. But what evidence is there for? Respond at first sign of today’s heating plants burn fuel at lower exhaust temperatures as old plants do.

Not refurbished fireplaces can occur in the soot. This means that the water vapour contained in the exhaust gases condenses and soaked the fireplace. Visible is this unpleasant condensation stains that occur in cool areas on the attic or upper floors. Condensate exits at the sweeping door are also available. To avoid this effect, should the fireplace with be rehabilitated at a boiler replacement. An apparently desolate chimney CAP, smell of smoke, or even smoke in the living room, in addition represent important alarm signals of, which in time should respond to. Erosion of masonry in the Interior, porous plaster due to condensate damage and chipping of material pipe chimney systems among characteristics that are may not be apparent at first glance. Especially among difficult visible signals, the homeowner is often overwhelmed.

A chimney restoration specialist is needed here. Customers recognize the importance of the topic more and more frequently and more quickly and respond in a timely manner. And they trust in many cases on the market leader Ahrens. Not in vain we must appreciate more than 200,000 refurbished chimneys”, noticed the commercial Managing Director, Bmst ing. Edmund Drohojowski, a change in values in society.