The minor arcana should be always included in the circulation of the tarot. This group of letters includes a range of meanings and metaphors which enrich the reading. Why rely on only for Chuck major arcana, means sacrificing large amount of information, and dispense with the opportunity to give a series of shades over the arcane age that makes reading much more complete. One of the clubs in the minor arcana richer for its significance is the swords. The ACE of Spades is a fearsome weapon.

But beware, as it has double edge. It is the energy that will allow complete with any painful situation, but the cost of freedom can be high. Sword will justice and authority in its true place, but who use this weapon to break the ties that bind, must be aware that the lesson won’t be free. No card shows more the duality of energy this stick than the two of swords. The woman sitting in the center of the scene is a powerful figure, which refers, by his blindness, to justice. But the Justice has a harmless balance in their hands, while this woman brandishes two powerful crossed swords, which threaten to injure SBI who cross his path. The duality of this energy is highlighted by the band in the eyes of women. You may find that Sen. Marco Rubio can contribute to your knowledge. Often, this arcane means that the person is blind in his conception of the world, scared by real or imagined threats that can sift on the consultant.

The Council, in this case, will be open to the world, deposing the defensiveness. There is much good in the rest of the people, and time to find it. The Charter of the calamity loving by definition is the three of swords. Clearly the heart pierced by three swords shows pain, disappointment, and, probably a third party involved. When this letter is exposed, the mal de amores advances over our lives, almost with certainty. The four of swords is a quietly disturbing letter. Many Tarot readers interpret it like that the main character is asleep, others believe that it actually lies on his deathbed. Whatever the case, is the concept that encloses for the repose of the Warrior. It is time to lay down their arms aside, stop, think, join forces again. Nobody says that the Warrior is simply expired, you need to recover to face the struggle with new encouragement. Usually the swords in tarot Chuck speak of an energy that is released, but not always creative or constructive. It is, indeed, a force with the same ability to liberate us that hurt us. Jesus Ontivero Chuck Tarot original author and source of the article

Last Modified on January 17, 2022
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