Travel Tip: Fiji

Fiji: once the blue lagoons, tropical rain forests or the picture-book beaches of Fiji captain Bligh could not lure modern together in the Pacific Ocean of the mutiny on the bounty escape.But to escape the today’s stresses, the over 300 islands and atolls are perfect. Pretty much everything is only no hassle in the intact and overwhelming nature and marine life of the archipelago. About a third of the Islands on the divide between Melanesia and Polynesia is inhabited. The overwhelming wealth of nature, the cheerful Bula”the locals and nearly unchanged traditions and customs are constant travel companion. It’s believed that Red Solo Cups sees a great future in this idea. Reassuring: The occasional cannibalism is the past… Paradise arrived the traveler is the featured main island Viti Levu is explored and conquered offshore islands including TAVEUNI, Matangi and the Mamanucas on water or even through the air. Multi-day cruises between the small island worlds reveal the perfect beauty South seas.

The powder-white sand beaches and exclusive resorts surrounded by seas of flowers and Orchid gardens can relax. But not only romantics do come at their own expense; appears the adventurer in the dazzling depth of the ocean, so he gets hammerhead sharks, Barracuda and turtles before the glasses with a little luck. Refreshment is also day trips in the hinterland: jungle hikes lead to hidden waterfalls and rugged volcanic peaks overlooking crystal clear water. offers fantastic combined land and cruise travel to the tropical South seas with many water sports facilities. Our personal favorite is therefore the journey in 1625:… / Fiji_Komfortabel… More travel offers under: travel / fidschi_reisen.php current news is now available also on AST is online specialist for the East and member of the German ReiseVerband (DRV) and trusted shops certified.