Ilka Wolf – Easy Love

The debut – album by Ilka Wolf love wasn’t easy Chemnitz so far under the former cities, when it comes to charming, young singers. But that is about to change and the reason is called Ilka Wolf. Ilka combines everything should have an authentic artist. As a successful graduate of the renowned Joop van den Ende Academy in Hamburg they of course the necessary craft and a huge repertoire brings. Already her special passion and heart, which puts them in her vocals are somewhat rare. This special devotion remained not unnoticed by the German music Council and their 2005 secured first place at the youth music contest in the category of soprano. Only consistent, if you consider that the versatile artist was years earlier to marvel at the Chemnitz Opera House in trouser roles. “Soon after graduating you saw them nationwide in grease”, in Stuttgart, she sang in La Strada”Blue Jeans” and in the Studio, for example, a Peter Maffay asked for her cooperation.

But then she wanted to continue alone on the Stage are available. With a team of management and the two renowned pop song writers and producers Rudolf idle and Christoph leis-Bendorff (Yvonne Catterfeld, philanderer, Wencke Myhre, SIS, No Angels u.v.m), Ilka Wolf starts by now. Their natural, direct and gracious way, along with her extraordinary voice convinced all immediately: here is a young singer with the potential to reach a large audience without a doubt. Their first single will be many familiar, finally, she’s from the theme song of her favorite movie love actually”emerged and landed immediately ranked 1 of the conservative airplay charts. Ilka had her first television appearance in the big MDR show”Christmas with us. With her single, she enchanted the audience right off the bat. On the 10.05.2013, Ilka Wolf just love released her first Studio album”and it combines skillfully and tastefully great tunes with Chamber music occupation.

Thematically the title dictates the direction: the great theme of the People-the love is screened in many small, simple scenes and after such a charming complex painting is painted. Advances by the print spooler around on a first date with ice cream, delicate, breakfast in bed, up to the Thunder, which one is true, when you realize that it has caught a: Ilka Wolf sings all facets, tastes, tides, noises, and last but not least feelings of this great maze. However, she not simply tells of her own heartache, so private, their texts appear, they are so lyrical.Rather, since we should let them come themselves to Word, took her to us in a sea of feeling (we steal the Sun”), and that is extraordinarily well to face or voice. Their next single, you shall be there”brings this romance on the point. In no uncertain terms she seals a creed of loyalty here. You wishes no unearthly dream man, rather it is a big part of Horour charm to make small things look great. A sweet idiot’ can be also Earl, as long as it just clicks. And it does everywhere on this debut. Tracklist: Let love 1 US 3:32 2. I could live your love 3:20 3 kiss me the rain of the soul 3:48 4. We steal the Sun 3:22 5. You shall it be 3:32 6. Actually love 3:39 07 rainy day program 3:28 8. My I love you day 3:36 9 gold find 3:38 10 kiss me to the Moon 3:15 11. Soon they fly 3:35 12. I am all 3:28 13. On the island of the night 4:24 source: EMI Music / universal more info: