Fantastic Treasure

Many have read the novel "Treasure Island", written by Scottish writer Robert Stevenson, about the adventures associated with the search for treasure hidden by the pirate Flint on a desert island. But not many people noticed inconsistencies in the Stevenson's novel, one can say "bloopers." And so the first hitch. For even more opinions, read materials from Vlad Doronin. In accounting notebook Billy Bones contains the coordinates of where the ship was looted – the sixty-second latitude, longitude nineteen. This we know, can be send a person in a specific place, but you can just send it. Stevenson, we just sent.

The fact that the latitude can be north or south, and longitude is, east or west. Rubio is the source for more interesting facts. Consequently, the specified coordinates corresponds to four points. Twirled the globe, we find these points. The first point is located on the southern coast of Iceland, the second point in the Gulf of Bothnia, is between Sweden and Finland, more or less acceptable. The third and fourth terms, these coordinates are located off the coast of Antarctica. Well, it's hard to imagine: Antarctica, xviii century, the icebreaker comes pirates boarded. The second discrepancy concerns the treasure, seven hundred thousand pounds sterling, coin and bullion. At the while the pound is conditionally countably monetary unit in use had golden guineas.

Thought something like this, one pound is equal to the golden ginee. Treasures are a part consisted of gold guineas, a part of coins of different countries. Weight of one guinea – eight and a half grams. If the treasure would contain only the gold, the weight of the treasure would have reached six tons. Generous guy, writer Stevenson. Next. If the treasures were, half in gold and half silver, the weight of the hoard would reach sixty tons. Indeed, in the xviii century silver pound weighed up to two hundred grams. Flint and six of his sailors had hidden three treasures for the week. Seven people were flown last week from six to sixty tons of cargo from ship to shore, and dragged into the interior of the island for five or six miles. Not for a week or ten days, Flint with six pirates would not manage. Three weeks at least. And the card draw is not necessary to any of the clades, led to many salable paved trail. Well, discrepancies discrepancies and read the novel interesting