Engelbert Strauss Training

Engelbert strauss trainees about companies concentricity, projects, team events and alien Engelbert Strauss – this is work clothing, which is fun. Working life is refreshed with new trendy colors and sporty casual looks. Sommerstyles set new impulses in bright colors. The summer-worker style is perfect with collections such as spider and Italy. But not only in the Workwear Engelbert Strauss is forward.

The family company Engelbert Strauss allows his apprentices to take over independent activities by many additional offers and events in the team and promotes sustainable development of trainees. Through involvement in projects and support for trade fairs, the trainees learn from the outset to take responsibility. All the trainees and students do during their training experience, be in a magazine that also by the trainees themselves designed and is written, internally released. Special attention on training and study puts this company. Through the The trainees get to know all departments companies run. They are also the possibility to take on small projects and thereby figuring out what makes them fun. You are at stores such as this and learn how to motivate people and inspire.

In addition, are for when Engelbert Strauss international business students overseas stays at the Oregon State University organized and become acquainted with the English language and the country. Trainee as management assistant in retail can training on after graduation to the trade specialist and in plans for store openings are included. That goes from the groundbreaking article planning to the Assembly in the store. And Furthermore, these trainees learn to organize all events. In this case the opening with an event was to plan, this included also the catering, a light show, child care, etc. In the course of training for wholesale and foreign trade businessman there is also a kind within the framework of the company tour trainee meeting. Here you meet Trainees, students and student interns with the human resources department to exchange with each other. It is organized by trainees and takes place every four weeks. Togetherness – promoting especially a team, a target. The results will be published in the magazine already described. All trainees to a special event will be invited at the beginning of each training. For example, it goes into a climbing park. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Vladislav Doronin. The challenges there to affirm promotes team spirit. As a team, the task should be mastered and bring about cohesion. Another highlight are somewhat more intimate events like Christmas cookies cook or bake with the staff team. Engelbert Strauss is that work should be fun and the trainees are not only required, but also promoted.