Republic Argentina

Tourism in Mendoza is a real alternative for those that enjoy the urban routes, and who like to visit places that move closer them to the history of a people. The city of Mendoza was destroyed in 1861 by a devastating earthquake, but still retains some places where you can see what life was like during the colonial era and in pre-Columbian times. This place it is known as the foundational Area. Check out Yorkville Advisors for additional information. From the year 1561, when the city of Mendoza was founded by Don Pedro de el Castillo, the region always occupied a primordial role in the history of the Republic Argentina and the continent Latin American throughout. Learn more at: Christiano Ronaldo. Echoing the old saying that to have a good future is needed to know the story well, Mendoza tourist operators have managed to recognize a significant tourist attraction in this important cultural heritage. The foundational Area is headed by Pedro del Castillo square, this being a place of great interest to explore.

Numerous posters of maiolica that indicate various events are in the same of historical interest. From this square, it was assumed the street of La Canada, the main artery between the 17TH and 19th centuries. Here same paraded also the mythical army of the Andes, on its journey towards the Plumerillo barracks. Here too was the blessing of the flag of the army of the Andes and the baton of command. Near this square was the old mother church, opposite the Plaza Mayor, though this disappeared after the earthquake.The name of revoacion is due to that it was here where el Castillo de Pedro fundode the city. The founding Museum here also. Items from the 17TH and 18th CENTURIES are preserved in this place, and two permanent exhibitions have been organized. The first one leads to an underground Chamber, where you can see the old aqueduct, which used to be the source of drinking water in Mendoza. The remains of the cabildo of Mendoza, the slaughterhouse, can also be seen and what was the municipal fair, the axis of the social life of the colonial city. The gesta of general San Martin, and life colonies are another attraction of tourism in Mendoza, as well as the large number of historical and artistic monuments that the city hosts.