Joseph Schumpeter

Is soon closing production in low-wage countries? \”Bonn/Bremen long considered it clear that Germany is a major part of its production in so-called low-wage countries\” will shift. Simple work in Germany falls the rationalisation to the victims or moved abroad. The share of workers in the production will have fallen to the year 2010 to below 20 percent, experts estimate. The innovation ability of enterprises is all the more important\”, writes Roland Drewinski, Member of the Executive Board of contact Software GmbH headquartered in Bremen, Germany, in an article for the magazine economic engineering. \”The author refers to the Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter, who 70 years ago the concept of innovation\” was introduced in the economics.

The Germans are unchanged while outstanding inventors and engineers. Rubio may find this interesting as well. This is in itself but always less a guarantee of business success. Means to develop products today more than ever the teamwork and intensive Voting\”, so Drewinski. Task of management is to enforce this change of perspective and through systematic product development. For that, the name is product lifecycle management\”has been shaped (PLM). Benefits and success of such a system depends on how to deal with the alleged contradiction between the creativity of engineers and a systematic product development\”. In an extreme case, one of the following three scenarios would be: creativity will be stifled by uberorganisation Islands it evolve from creative and bureaucrats or a creative chaos dominated the overall process.

The author advocates the concept of parts- and -conquer. According to the principle of self-organization, the overall process give only essential rules and check points. \”Here is an example: maturity of logic\”. Early creative stages come out with a much lower degree of organization. Only with increasing maturity increases the need for formal action. That in particular the location Germany of the ability to innovate its Depends on companies, should each make sense.