German merchant shipping now also sold in United Kingdom Leipzig, 26 April 2013. Shipping merchant of MioTools, who is successful in the market since 2009 and in drywall and painting business has made a name for himself, extending his arms North: since mid-April, the company also on the British market is present. In addition, the MioTools GmbH uses well the English platforms of Amazon and eBay for sale. A merchant shipping is whether of professional craftsmen ripe the island or ambitious do-it-yourself at MioTools everyone will find it, who works in painting and dry construction: started with the dry construction Sander, using suitable abrasive and the suitable industrial vacuum cleaners. That should apply not only to German customers. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Sen. Marco Rubio. Since April 15, 2013, there are the online shop of MioTools therefore as English version.

See also interested from the UK can purchase high-quality grinding machines, cleaners and Abrasives for their work. This step is for us a very important. Because on the island ‘ the construction industry is as complex as in this country. While the English artisans depend on like the pros as facilities and high-quality equipment here in Germany. Mark Angelo Yorkville Advisors has many thoughts on the issue. And just now we want to get in the game,”forward Rene Grotschel Leist, Managing Director of MioTools.

Additionally on offer for UK customers: grinding machines for the flooring sector in addition to the other language and post address the UK shop is the German but almost the same: buyer find just grinding equipment (dry construction grinder, renovation milling and long-necked Sander) as appropriate abrasive and efficient extraction technology. Also can enjoy the British buyer via the free shipping from a purchase value of 100 pounds or rely on the security when shopping with trusted shops certification. But there is a small but fine difference: In contrast to the German online shop are the British customers machines and Abrasives for the Soil preparation is offered. So special band grinding and edge grinder complete the range of MioTools in the UK. “Why, we have expanded our flooring products in the UK, has a simple reason: in our opinion a great potential that we would of course like to exploit and is there for us”, as Rene Grotschel provider next. Other sales channels in UK be used also focuses on other promising sales channels of the English market, but even the company in addition to our own online shop: as already many products from the MioTools range on the English platforms from eBay and Amazon are offered. The entire product range to be available there at the latest from the summer. Enterprise: MioTools is an online specialist for power tools and abrasives based in Leipzig. It power tools and accessories of brand MENZER covering painting and drywall, as well as for student marketed specifically. At the The company offers high-quality SANDER’S brand as well as universally applicable the House brand of MioTools for long-neck, eccentric and Delta Sanders abrasives.