James Muir

The results are factors that benefit from the comfort and sporty handling highly a long wheelbase and a balanced distribution of the axle loads. Could the weight compared to the previous model thanks to the modern design technologies and the use of lightweight materials to be reduced to 90 kilograms. The drive powerfully and efficiently SEAT sends the new Leon with strong and at the same time economical TDI and TSI engines from 1.2 to 2.0 litres of displacement in the race. All engines use direct injection and turbocharging; they are on low internal friction and rapid warm-up. Compared to the predecessor model decreased their consumption by up to 22 percent. The infotainment modern and flexible offers a whole system of advanced Infotainment solutions SEAT In the new Leon. Connect with the functions for entertainment and communication of the SEAT sound system, but also numerous vehicle functions via a touch-sensitive screen in the cockpit easy is based on the operating system. For more information see this site: Jim Simons. The driver assistance systems leading the way also with the available driver assistance systems of the new Leon offers a portfolio that sets new standards.

The drowsiness detection registers a declining concentration of the driver and proposes him a break. A camera system on the rear-view mirror controls the High-beam Assistant automatically switches between main and dipped-beam headlamps, as well as the lane heading control. He corrected the electromechanical power steering, before the driver passes a boundary line on the road. With the new Leon we have an automobile designed and developed, that embodies the term Enjoyneering for the best. This irresistible combination of design, technology, athletic performance and quality will seduce our loyal customers and to bring a completely new generation of prospective customers to our brand”, says James Muir, the Chairman of the Board of the SEAT S.A. The new SEAT logo is another reason renewed element of Leon the logo on rear, radiator and steering wheel.

The Leon is the first car that wears this as a reference to the recently refreshed corporate identity. With its clear, pure design, the new SEAT is logo for the precision and elegance of the design language of the brand. SEAT: SEAT is a brand of the Volkswagen Group and worldwide with over 3,000 sales and Service centres in a total of 72 countries represented. The SEAT Germany GmbH based in Weiterstadt employs 173 people and includes also 351 service partners in addition to 303 sales partners. Headquarters of the Spanish automobile manufacturer is Martorell in Barcelona, where the automobile designs, develops, and are also largely produced. The young and sporty automobile manufacturer from Spain offers high-quality automobiles in 10 body styles such as the Mii of the SEAT or the SEAT Ibiza, as well as fuel-saving cars like the SEAT Ecomotive innovative design concepts and the latest technologies.