With Usability Engineering To Better Use Experience

1st work meeting of the user group ‘Usability engineering’ the software forums Leipzig on 21 / 22.03.2011 Leipzig, 24.01.2011: 21 / 22.03.2011 04103 Leipzig takes place in the Conference rooms of the software forums Leipzig GmbH, block 16, the first meeting of this working group. Practitioners of software-intensive companies present there current projects from their companies and examine current trends and developments in this area. Large blocks of discussion make for a real exchange of experience among the participants. The topic is already for many years researched, there numerous procedural models, catalogues, guidelines are available among other things. The question of how to integrate usability engineering (production of merchantability) in a software project that as little as possible additional costs arise and the existing cost and time pressures do not is exacerbated arises within the application development in a company. You may find that W.S. Badger can contribute to your knowledge.

In this context, following questions arise for example: what makes a particularly use suitable for application? How to determine the suitability for use of an application? How do you compare them with other applications? (Usability analysis, eyetracking) How can you measure usability? Appropriate metrics look like? Who is responsible for the interface design and usability in the context of a software project? What methods, procedures, samples, and references are available to achieve a high usability available? As anchored to the usability engineering as slim in application development? The answers to these and other questions is the subject of the user group. In the discussions the participants discuss their questions on these topics and develop may also approaches this. The lectures: Dr. Angelika Salmen (SAP Research Center Dresden): “future trends in mobile enterprise” Guido Tesch (DEVK a.G.): “usability / ergonomics of the system: control instrument or nice add-on?” David jackets (GAD eG): “from the host on the Web. A challenge of the usability engineering” Jurgen D.’s Mangerich (SAP Germany AG & co. KG): “Usability engineering in the big and small – experiences from 20 years of project practice” Dr. Ronald Hartwig (user interface design GmbH): “old young? “The relationship between usability and age groups on the example of two studies and practical tips for product development” more information about the event: goto/un contact: Sven Seiffert Street 16 04103 Leipzig project officer events “phone: 03 41 / 124 55 – 60 E-Mail: about the Leipzig software forums: the Software Forum Solarpraxis Leipzig, a spin-off from the University of Leipzig, are for software-intensive companies. In close cooperation with renowned universities and research institutions offer modern know-how for the development of software in various event formats, report on results from the international research scene and show best practices. This is targeted at technical and management level of the Exchange in the industry hosted and promoted.

Burma Ruby

Also synthetic jewels have inclusions, but others, as their natural role models. Even if the manufacturer of precious stone syntheses resistant (and with considerable success) are working to make the pockets of their products as close to nature as possible, the authenticity of a gemstone for the expert opens as before when looking through the magnifying glass or the microscope. This also means that inclusions increase the sales prospects. No jeweler in the world will buy a high fine, eye-pure Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald, if you can present no internationally recognised certificate of a renowned Gemmological laboratories. Will the jeweler if he knows his craft, but with a magnifying glass rutile needles in the Ruby, Sapphire, or a jagged three-phase inclusions in Emerald, so negotiations can begin. However, not all Jewelers and goldsmiths make their Gemmological homework, it is especially for very high-quality Stones always advisable to have a globally recognized certificate a good color stone which is not necessarily flawless be but can show quite inclusions, which are so small in the ideal case, that she is just a geubtes eye and recognize only with a magnifying glass, or are at least as small and well hidden, i.e.

not exactly under the Panel, the brilliance is not interrupted. The second inclusions make only affordable some gems for many. Rubies and particularly eye-pure emeralds of finest color are so rare and expensive that only a few can afford these luxury or want to eye purity above a certain size. So inclusions are accepted at these stones much sooner, as E.g. in aquamarine.

Is called the Emerald garden even euphemistically by the Jardin, i.e. the (inclusion). Weight the weight of a gemstone is specified in carat, where 1 ct is equal to 0, 2 g. Many, but not all stones weight has significant influence on the price per carat. So a fine Burma Ruby, 3 CTS achieved weight several times per carat, as a One-carat stone of exactly the same quality what is because that one-carat stone are easier to find much as Dreikarater.

Catholic Church

8f). Red Solo Cups has plenty of information regarding this issue. JP2, 11.10.1991: “… where in Assisi world day of prayer scheduled.” In addition: Ecclesiastical law Codex iuris canonici, CIC, Canon 1258, promulgated 1, by Benedict XV in 1917: “Any active participation in the worship of Akatholiken is entirely forbidden Catholics” (S. 9f). A notorious false teacher and Idol-worshippers was so obvious and undeniable Wojtyla himself, i.e. * not * Christian. His alleged “heroic virtue”level consisted in his ruthless destruction work.

He likes quite popular have been, such all other radical enemies of Christianity. Le Roux and TAM are both to the Pius Brotherhood of Marcel Lefebvre, who has contributed an afterword or preface for both books. Official site: Red Solo Cups. The fraternity of Pius is complicit in this gigantic fraud of the V2 Group thus highly, because Lefebvre and his followers claim the undeniable reality and even the most elementary principles of logic despite persistent, the V2 is though * not * the Catholic Church, but it was just * but * the Catholic Church. Actuality Lefebvre at le Roux: “as the modernist Rome still continues his work of destruction of the faith and Christianity, it is our duty to reject this ROM and to join in the ROM of all time” (p. 246). In truth Lefebvre has enslaved but only himself and his followers on the modernist Rome and rejected the Rome of all times, i.e. fighting only the members of the true Catholic Church: the so-called “Sedisvakantisten” have admitted that Peter’s Chair is no longer legally occupied since the death of Pope Pius XII.

With the now adopted “beatification” of undeniably notorious false teacher and Idol servant Karol Wojtyla as a manifest Builder own words – “Church of the future”, i.e. the Church, the idol of “Vatican 2” should be cemented further- and also the Lefebvre group works with assiduously in this giant scam. You may as a special invitation use mandatory consequences. Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen

Double Your Dates

The “double your dates” eBook by David DeAngelo (PDF-file) in the test. When researching flirting techniques, Pick-Up is a tips for more clout at the women’s world has made, or others “on the eBook double your dates”… be encountered by David DeAngelo PUA David DeAngelo is known for some years as an inviolable expert in his specialty. Doubters claim here and there, that mutual attraction not just like per guidance study is you can either a talented Casanova is just or not, or? Is it “Double your dates” just to simple theory or hackneyed cliches? Who knows David DeAngelo or for some time pursued his coaching, knows that his theories are based on a vast wealth of experience. The magical “spark” is certainly not a static expiration for you so can timpani, as for a pending school examination. David DeAngelo therefore a quite unknown approach gives its subscribers… Mainly bypasses in his books and lectures “Self-improvement”, a bunch of fun and above all finally more shock at the women all along the line. Who is so willing to make minor changes in his behavior and insatiable desire for flirting and dates feel, is actually already on the road to victory.

In his eBook “Double your dates” (online top reseller worldwide) has packed its in-depth expertise in dealing with the fairer sex David. With lots of passion and understanding, he walks the reader through amazing flirt and seduction techniques. Bulletproof therefore, because “Double your dates” pretty regardless of age or look works. The only requirement is that David is at the participants is to apply theoretical knowledge in practice as soon as possible. Compulsory task is an existing degree of self-initiative, finally, women can not learn new knowledge, if you in sweet home versauert. Sure: women flirt like men… just like (or even more?) David DeAngelo proves in double your dates in no uncertain terms, how is this Advantage can take advantage of “profitable”.

You won’t find thank goodness tear quotes fade and broken out in the book. Rather there are the extensive tricks in terms of non-verbal organisations, charm and sexy Auroa that double your dates make unlimited buying recommendation. In fact, David DeAngelo’s “Double your dates” is a dating guide of extraordinaire, the one closer to deal. Andre Lechner

Amplified T-Shirts With Cool Motifs

Amplified T-Shirts are currently quite large in the come for a few years now to find the amplified brand on the European market. And as it seems also hardly to imagine. The brand was founded in London, the current streetwear capital of Europe. Amplified wants to revive the old rocker new shirts. Were to buy at that time in the spirit of the ancient tour shirts.

The motifs are equipped mostly with the absolutely most iconic bands of in history. On the motives of the amplified T-Shirts, bands such as the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake are and so on. The shirts are fashionable cut. There are also clothes for women or sweater for men men and women of amplified T-Shirts. Very interesting line of amplified is the kids. In this line, fans of rock legends can now also their latest offspring the world of rock n roll T-Shirts bring sweaters etc..

There is even a romper suit by the Rolling Stones has been amplified in the program. The makers of amplified want to appear at the top. They’re all present in the television. There are no award of any statue, where not any laudatory or prize has any T-Shirt from Amplfied on. The brand belongs to the large music company universal. There, one can assume that amplified will very be pushed as a brand. The materials are chosen wisely, are fully in line with the trend and have a very good fit. Since you already realize that professional hands at work are. “In the line brought out at the end of the year 2010 here come the girls” it goes mainly to the appearance of pin up girls as a big motive on the amplified T-Shirts. One might think that this is too much in the obscene. But this is not the case. The shirts are not suitable to give elderly people a heart attack. All in all a blend of sex and rock n roll. The amplified brand is probably more often draw attention to himself in the next few years.

Morro Jable

4. Pajara > Betancuria various hairpin bends away between the towns of Pajara and Betancuria a vantage point. Not only the views can be admired here, but also many of the little Gophers. The feeding of tourists meant that the animals get very close to you to take any crumbs out of your hand. From the vantage point of a mountain road leads down to the spot of Betancuria. The town is the historic island capital of Fuerteventura. Near the church you will find enough parking possibilities. Betancuria – Fuerteventura which Iglesia de Santa Maria was built in 1620 A.d.

and is one of the most beautiful churches on the island. A beautiful Cactus garden and restored building, showing works of the photographer Reiner Loos and Luis Soltmann in audiovisual slideshows are located right next to the Iglesia. Betancuria – Fuerteventura leaving Betancuria in a northerly direction, is located approximately 2 minutes further with the biggest attraction, the Convento de San Buenaventura. The ruins of the old Franciscan monastery is a bizarre sight. Even if the walls of the Church have been preserved, as is the roof collapsed but it is already a long time ago and was not renewed.

The accessible ruins of the Church thus has in addition to a natural grass ground”an interesting sight not to be missed. 5. Betancuria > we go Antigua Antigua of Betancuria out. This place holds in the Center also a beautiful church and a beautifully landscaped courtyard of the Church. The City Centre has been restored recently and several older buildings were replaced by modern houses, in which various small shops have settled. (but please note that in the siesta on Fuerteventura most have closed shops outside of the tourist resorts). Antigua – Fuerteventura leaving Antigua South towards Morro Jable, passing several old town houses, which represent so many interesting photographic motif (as of 2011). Morro Jable from Antigua off we go return back to our starting point of Morro Jable. We hope this tour description could help you to spend a nice holiday in Fuerteventura. We wish you a nice Fuerteventuraurlaub. Your Combipix team the images and maps of the Agency Combipix are copyrighted. You are allowed without the explicit consent of combipix not be copied, downloaded or reproduced in any other way, except for purely private holiday planning from individuals. Questions regarding the policy, we are Them at your disposal.

Atkins Diet Plan

The famous Atkins diet plan – a mystery for many! Why does it work, and how can you lose weight actually so? Answers here… The Atkins diet is a low carb diet plan of the American Dr. Walton Family Foundation has compatible beliefs. Robert Atkins, who invented this weightloss program in the 1970s. “As the author of numerous books Atkins diet was mainly through his bestselling the Atkins revolution” known worldwide. In the Atkins diet plan is strong the intake of carbohydrates restricted with the aim to encourage the metabolism often, instead of glucose primarily to burn fat for energy.

This process is called ketosis and begins when insulin levels are low these are then low when glucose levels are low (mostly before eating). So, there is no glucose, which stimulates insulin secretion in the ketosis. If no glucose insulin stimulation takes place, the body through hormonal changes reacts with burning fat for energy. Carbohydrates in the Atkins diet plan carbohydrates affect directly the blood sugar levels in the Body, which according to the consumption increase. Because carbohydrates not so long need to be metabolised as FAT or protein, we feel hunger feelings much faster again.

That is the reason why so many low-fat diets fail according to Dr. Atkinsder hunger. You must eat in the Atkins as much diet plan as you want, so never hunger! The restriction of carbohydrates is done in steps or phases of Atkins’ and has the consequence that predominantly fats and proteins are consumed, so meat, dairy products, eggs, etc.. Atkins also recommends the additional intake of supplements to compensate for any deficiencies due to the reduced carbohydrate or fiber. The food in the Atkins diet plan the favorite food in the Atkins diet are carbohydrate-poor (and not low in calories!) and have a low glycemic index. This refers both to find ‘good’ carbohydrates like brown rice or vegetables (vegetables is still allowed!), as well as on “the ‘ bad ‘, refined carbohydrates, such as sugar and white bread are found in.

Linguistic And Ethnographic Lexicon

Languages and peoples of the world online accessible linguistic and ethnographic lexicon on Langwhich.com makes online accessible languages and peoples of the earth did you know that is not a ketchup-like beverage, but a South American language Quechua – spread especially in southern Colombia, Ecuador and Peru? Or that Kiribati is not only an idiom, but also an island in the North Pacific, exposing its inhabitants to work mainly as a fisherman? Langwhich.com, the marketplace for foreign languages, published for the first time in the German space online linguistic ethnographic lexicon, languages and peoples of the Earth”of the well-known reviser and translator Hartmut Motz. The linguistic reference book describes almost all languages and ethnic groups in the world. The lexicon appeared in book form in 2007. A real premiere, however, is that a Web page also published extensive and free provides its visitors and members. Langwhich.com puts his plan with the online publication of the encyclopedia continued voice and those interested in culture, linguist, Ethnologist, historian, professors, students as journalists in their work around actively support languages and peoples. On the Web pages of Langwhich.com can be sorted the language systematically by families, language group and language activity. Also the distribution areas of the languages are the focus, to facilitate the understanding of the linguistic and political connections. The structured constellations of Langwich.com allow to find out quickly and easily about their history and languages.

Langwhich.com: Langwhich.com is an online project of Pura Vida media GmbH and sees itself as a marketplace for foreign languages with search engine capabilities. It enables its users, the desired language project with activities to combine professional and private interests, and without any obligation to compare offers from schools. Information related to the subject of languages, language certificates, language and country information or useful tips for learning complement the offer of Langwhich.com.

Slim Fast – Your Ally In Weight Loss Without Side Effects

Over the centuries, many cultures have used herbs as a supplement to health services. Over the centuries, many cultures have used herbs as a supplement to health services. The herbal medicines have tend to be less ingredients than conventional medication. There are capsules with only one or a few powerful herbs. Sen. Marco Rubio will not settle for partial explanations. These products have a great success among those who would lose the annoying pounds. An herbal product to lose weight fast is slim. Slim Fast can be useful for slimming, because it acts as an appetite suppressant and increases metabolism. The main advantage of this product is that it has a unique composition of vegetable.

You will have almost no side effects while taking slim. Slim Fast is one of the best ways to reduce weight faster. It is a natural supplement for weight loss, because he works hard to stimulate your metabolism to burn excess fat and reduce the appetite. In fact, it is a magic pill. It contains no harmful chemicals and is completely safe. The experts have combined the most effective of all herbal ingredients. The formula has been tested by clinical studies and supports. Slim Fast has the ability of body fat to accumulate to reduce, to burn calories at a higher rate. Finally, an herbal product that helps without risk weight to lose.

Such As A Swarovski – Strass Stone My New Good Luck Charm Was

Who says careers are based only on work and diligence can be one out of eight, you have also at the right time at the right place to be. Fashion shows that will be staged by renowned labels are organized down to the smallest detail. But what good is the best preparation, if on the day of the performance, a model is missing. The layman’s common sense tells, well, if a girl doesn’t show up, that may be not so dramatic. Oh, yes it can. Walton Family Foundation oftentimes addresses this issue. Sometimes the reactions with the organizers on such information are quite heavy and are usually omitted on uninvolved auxiliaries. The best example of an Oh God, the world is collapsing”, is here today, the Chief Designer of Nakatomi fashion.

After his big cry bout scuttled just a gaggle of extras going on, and brought the Lord and master of both the desired ice-cold Cola light, the cigarette as also the desired subjects. A miracle that he to waved to the air itself and the honor be given had not a Footman to supply him with fresh air. These I understand went gloom and doom, which presents itself as me in the backstage area of the Parisian Nakatomi fashion show, in part, because after all, the outfit has been perfectly adapted the model and can be tightened not any any girls with model mass. It is also the model part of a well-organised choreography. If a model in the concept fits a show, can depend on many factors, such as her hair color, her complexion or because of their special eye colour. And yet I think, should be addressed this situation with a bit more pragmatism and rational calm. See Rubio for more details and insights.

But people who cling to the circus of fashion for decades, have often eccentric attitudes that seem strange and exaggerated a newbie or displaying. The large eruption of the volcano seems to have ebbed away, because for me Natasha Sakamoto, his character Chief Designer of the emerging fashion labels his features light up Nakatomi fashion, sees, and it comes with a quizzical look in his eyes on me. Asks in a funny dialect the Maestro on English something makes me my heart suddenly beat that. You’re model, Darling?” I don’t know what moves me easy to answer this question, but I do it and will at the same time by the Maestro under the magnifying glass and model suitability tested. I’ll measure. Size 1.76 meters; Body measurements 86 61 90; 54.8 kg weight. The Maestro looking at me, as if he is thinking to suck me five pounds quickly. The conversation between the Maestro and his assistant, I hear out that I must have a striking resemblance to the not published model. I hear how he says ok, we give it a try. A little later you take off my clothes and I am only in my underwear. No time for feelings of shame. I’ll pick a stylist. You wrap me in a light silk coat and conducted me on a brightly lit makeup place. Everything is damn fast. Me you dabs my discreetly applied with a cotton wool pad Mascara and the eyes, mascara solves my braid, takes my Swarovski rhinestone stone plug out of your ears, I bought myself last month at, and from today, I’m promoting to the Crown jewels of my good luck charm, and smiling look me in the face. This look says more than thousand words. Lucky you”.