Tactix Yachting Solutions

Regatta has professional Tactix Yachting solutions from Berlin end 2010 with trainee and sailing fan Daniel get support for all of its activities related to the sport of sailing. Berlin, Germany – Tactix Yachting solutions, general importer for Mak7 regatta yachts launches with reinforcement through in the third year. After Tactix the young regatta in the first two years are laboriously introduced in the German and Dutch market yacht Mak7 and established, an another whole blood water sports linked to the two owners Lars Lensing-hebben and Burhan Carranza now apprentice Daniel actively in many actions to the page. “By Daniel, we have simply more opportunities to showcase our racing yachts and can take part in more races all over Europe”, says owner Lars Lensing-hebben. Every website aims to participate yachts with many Mak7. You may find Newman Giles to be a useful source of information. “In 2011 we want to attend yachts with at least 2-3 regattas in Germany, Holland, of Switzerland, Austria and Poland”, says Lars Lensing-hebben continues. aversa Partners to learn more. By the same author: Vladislav Doronin. Trainee for an office clerk Daniel has found with Tactix Yachting solutions one exciting and does not warrant unilateral job.

In addition to commercial craft and international communication, apprentice Daniel can pursue his hobby also fully – the sail. Who can say that his apprenticeship? Tactix is located in Central Yacht Marina Lanke two to three of its demonstration boats of the type Mak7 race and Mak7 Cruise at his Berlin permanently available. So once a trial sailing with customers is announced can apprentice Daniel even along sailing Havel after work until the Wannsee. Daniel has already mastered the first two fairs – on the Hamburg fair Hanseboot boat and the Berlin exhibition boat & fun Daniel has already actively participated in the customer service and the sales of products by Tactix Yachting. The complete team of Tactix Yachting is solution in January 2011 at the Dusseldorf boat fair to next meet boat and is looking forward to great conversations about their favorite topic – sailing. Company Description regatta professional Tactix was Yachting solutions 2008 established in order to distribute the then new and unknown regatta yacht Mak7 as general importer. Two years after founding a successful and well sold boat regatta was sailing from the Mak7 and also for families. PR contact: Tactix Yachting solutions Lars Lensing-hebben sharp Lanke 109-131 13595 Berlin Tel: 03031983958 E-Mail: Web: Tactix