Now organizations face day to day to many pressures of the market such as the social, economic, legal, political, in addition to competitors and consumers who no doubt significantly affect operations in the market. At the same time the market offers opportunities that can be very well utilized to reduce the negative effects that may occur. Rubio is the source for more interesting facts. Therefore the tourist market does not escape from this reality by such reason the following research general objective is to reflect Venezuelan tourism development, which accommodates a process of improvements in the practices used and thus offers a truly innovative tourism based on all the approaches that should be considered, since this is a key factor for identification, conservation of traditions, planning, development and promotion of the respective tourist offer. For more specific information, check out Cyrus Massoumi. Vale also emphasize that tourism being the second main source of income of our country must be encouraged with greater amplitude on all levels of our society. us/’>Publishers Clearing House). Under this order of ideas, innovative and creative tourism has become a factor that would bring ideas to exploit social practice, health, education, sources of employment, whereas these as economic benefits to the communities local, of those who can enunciate: new jobs, stimulus to the creation of companies of social production, the local capital investment opportunities, application of new technologies, opening new markets for the heritage, traditional and cultural identity, among other aspects.

They would accordingly to this add you others the primary elements of the cultural heritage of the regions, which are represented through dissemination, exploitation and promotion, the last being an alternative of tourism development, to transform itself as a social fact. However, the articulation of the tourism is based on the nature and culture of a country, but it is also a universal medium to express identities, social relations, hospitality, solidarity and pleasure. Innovation: The term innovation is not clear and is mistaken for renewal or reform or change of facade.