Dry Mixes

In the construction market in recent years, more and more new materials, such as a variety of polymer pastes, primers, sealants, foams. Mortars also not left behind and undergone several changes. In the past, masonry, processing, and leveling as walls and ceilings were used as clay, lime, gypsum, alabaster, etc. Before their use was necessary to dilute them with water. Improvement mixes it possible to increase the bond strength of materials, as well as greatly simplified the technology of their application. Production of dry mixes are often going directly to building sites, often without respect for any formulas and proportions, which led to an increase in consumption of components and reduce its effectiveness.

Currently, more and more frequently used dry mix, prepared in factory compliance with all rules and regulations, which include all the necessary components in the right proportions. For their preparation just add water and the solution will be fully ready for the future work. A significant breakthrough in the industrial production of dry building mixes come at a time when technology solutions appeared PVA glue or PVA. So there polimermodifitsirovannye dry mix. The use of polymer in solution is obvious, the adhesive hardens when in solution between the solid particles form a flexible connection to compensate for a load occurring at tension. Roughly the same function is performed by fitting in concrete structures.

These specials. Additives (compounds) complement premixed with additional properties such as flexibility, ability affect extremes of temperature and humidity, increase the water resistance, improve bonding strength of materials are less prone to mechanical stress. These qualities are very important for a variety of plasters and coatings used in outdoor applications. On what specials. additives are present in the mixture depends on the final destination of the mixture. The main components are added to the current production of dry building mixtures fillers, binders, as well as a variety of chemical additives.