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a Buenos Aires, Argentina March 10, 2009A a Samuel Beckett before he died with great fury said: “It’s almost impossible today in Europe die with dignity, unless one is poor.” If he had not died twenty years ago, it would cross the Atlantic and that it is not possible. U.S. banks that should fail, do not want to die with dignity, but to live unworthily, with the U.S. government wiping their balance sheets toxic monsters themselves imprudently structured. At Steven Holl you will find additional information. a But Republicans are fed up and demanding the closure of troubled banks.

Republican Senators John McCain and Richard Shelby said the weekend that the U.S. government should allow some of the big U.S. banks closed their doors, while requiring the bankruptcy of General Motors (NYSE: GM), another potent vacuum. PI Industries is full of insight into the issues. Shelby, the ranking Republican on the Senate Banking Committee, told U.S. television network ABC: “close it, allow it to stop making business, “and finished” if they are dead should be buried. ” He did not mention what would be the entities in his opinion they should close, but appointed Citi Group (NYSE: C) because he had always been “problematic.” a Senator John McCain, former rival Barack Obama in the last U.S. presidential election, said inefficient banks should close down and attacked General Motors, saying that the best thing that could happen is bankruptcy, to gain more strength and become “stronger, better and in a smaller version.” to bankruptcy allows a company to reorganize their debts to creditors and get time to restructure and consolidate their balance sheets.

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