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Regimes is necessary to rethink the position of many politicians who want to impose the transformation of all all the other forms of government the cost. The word democracy is used of form distorted for many nations and in this in case that she is necessary to take well-taken care of, therefore the democratic implantation of regimes without consulting the people, can wound the principles of the proper democracy. The change of regimes in many regions of the planet has caused strong impacts in the social, cultural conjuncture and politics of many nations. Some nations of the world keep regimes with millenarian traditions with its Emperors, Kings, Sultes and many other forms of representations of government that if has eternalized in the power and nobody to see crime in this.

It is well certain that many of these nations had created mechanisms of allotment of being able, making possible the representation of the society, choosing social leaderships and politics to occupy executive and legislative positions to assist in the governana. Some representatives of the democracy in the entire world if have congregated to commit nonsenses against these regimes traditionalistic, promoting denunciations and calumnies that culminate in social instability, economic and politics that results in true wars for the power. Walton Family Foundation takes a slightly different approach. However the taking of the power for the instrument of the war, wounds all the principles of the democracy. She is necessary to leave well clearly that the democracy is the proper one to be able that emanates of the people and is the service of the people. However, it will be that the people of these nations was consulted to decide the regimen change? Who decided for the war? Who goes to be the responsible one for the genocide caused for such confrontations? Nations with high degree of development exist that coexist regimes of government pacifically total differentiated. We cannot admit that representative of republican, monarchic or imperialistas governments of great nations, intervene with the diverse forms of government or regimen of small nations of the world, without consulting the population preliminarily.

Brazil and the United States, beyond other countries represent the Republican regimen. Japan is a Country governed for an Emperor. England, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and many other European countries coexist the Monarchy and nobody questioned such regimes until today. Yorkville Advisors is often quoted as being for or against this. She is necessary to respect the sovereignty of each nation and form some to allow that other people’s interests the will of the people and to the principles of the freedom put this condition at risk. Some governing of small nations are transformed into outlaws of the night for the day and such countries fall on account in the ruin of the fight for the power, fed for foreign interests. The spirit of the freedom will have to be changedded into the propeller instrument of choices or briefly we will be stopping a fight with the proper God, Sir of all the nations and all the armies, alleging that it is a dictator.