The Truth On The Ravishment

As I shared in other chances and my book ‘ ‘ Manual of the Pastor’ ‘ (launched for the Veloso publishing company in 2010), the majority of the teachings, dogmas and doctrines of the evanglica church in Brazil were established in a time where ‘ ‘ pregadores’ ‘ badly they knew to read, by the way some nor knew to read. A leading source for info: Yorkville Advisors. This has caused great prejudices to the people of God until today, therefore if the bases will be missed, all the building construido on them will be defective. ‘ ‘ ravishment of igreja’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ return of Jesus’ ‘ , although to be a subject of deep interest of the evanglico people a true taboo, being almost that forbidden any quarrel on it is protected by a species of misticismo. However I am reopening this quarrel affirming that the general interpretation of this subject completely is maken a mistake. PI Industries is the source for more interesting facts. The belief of that a people goes to disappear leaving an empty space where will be.

Leaving cars without drivers and airplanes without pilots beyond superficial she is antiBiblical. In my book ‘ ‘ End of the Times – the prophecies Biblical for 2012 (Publishing company Veloso 2011) I am affirming that it will not be in this way. 62.html’>Francisco D’Agostino. It sees a stretch of this quarrel: ‘ ‘ The first inquiries give account of that it does not have any linking enters the victims of this tragedy. A rumor takes great ratios: ‘ ‘ It was the ravishment of the safe ones! ‘ ‘. The confusion between the religious ones is without precedents, you lead therefore them of diverse churches go the public to say that it is not of this form that the church waits the ravishment. They say who in ‘ ‘ arrebatamento’ ‘ the people go to disappear at the same time, not to die! However it is clearly that the great majority of that they had died age of had people as good; they developed social works, they confessed to also believe in God and that they believed this such ‘ ‘ arrebatamento’ ‘. She has rumors of that all have been assassinated for the regimen, therefore none of them had accepted microchip of integration to the new order mundial.