Personnel Evaluation

At a time when the labor market a lot of hands-free and "heads" to find a few more or less suitable candidates for the position can be free and without the help of recruiting agencies or other specialists. But here they take away from the best, most suitable, but still safe for the company – without special tools estimates – rather risky to trust the opinion of … HR-manager of the company and intuition leader Of course, it is necessary. But is your subjective opinions 3.2, 1-2 interviews and security checks for the "problems with the law," responsible for making these personnel decisions? Error in the selection of candidates in best cost of lost time (probation officers), training costs and lost profit. And at worst – a direct loss .. Most of the most reliable methods of assessment and is already working, and candidates for the job – a rather time-consuming, complicated and expensive. Indeed, in our fast and easy, only large companies can afford such procedures as the Assessment Center or certification.

But what about small and medium companies that need fast and reliable tools? Employees of the consulting company "Navigator" for his years of practice have tried a lot of methods of selecting and testing personnel. Feeling the need of the market, we decided to select and provide our clients only those that meet five criteria: informativeness for business, easy to use, quick receipt of reports, adaptation to our mentality and low cost. So there was a package NEO – selection of the best practices for peer review staff. Depending on the tasks of the client using one or another method, test or questionnaire. Most of the techniques can be used online, via the Internet, the report is available in 1-2 days. These tools are based on different psychological theories and models developed in different countries and at different times, but they can (and should!) To work effectively now in the Ukrainian business.

And for personality assessment in the preliminary selection of candidates for career planning and operating staff. And, of course, to ensure the safety of your business … An independent peer review employees – and be confident in them. Our task – to make your staff selection process easier, faster and more reliable! More: