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An online magazine with unique reports from the world of celebrities. Reports, as they are anywhere else to read. As a pure online magazine GAFF! immediately publish the latest news on his side. What you wanted to read about the stars, can be found on GAFF! GAFF! starts there where other magazines to stop. For more information: Interesting facts about the beauty and lifestyle topics. “So to speak as a counterweight to shine & glamour, Gunni philosophizes in the GAFF! comic about life, stars and starlets: Judith & life”. The new GAFF! whatever magazine on closes a gap: many readers of Star – and lifestyle magazines want to learn more about the world of celebrities. The same messages about regularly emerging thin/alcohol/drug addiction excesses, the latest adopted child, the current lover or ex-lover, repeated fashion gaffes or who with whom stories, wish the reader really new, stories, which were not as yet told.

Right there is GAFF! to: Exclusive reports on topics that you have always wanted to read. Unusual interviews, open confessions. GAFF! questioned stories and looking for the story behind the stories. To get interesting lifestyle tips, gift ideas, polls on current topics. “Is rounded out the whole thing with the GAFF! early: Gunnie and life” the reader will ask themselves in the face of extraordinary stories: know that just, I’ve still never somewhere read that? How is it that GAFF! all of these things is there but a huge arsenal of reporters must and put an extremely well-run network behind it! The principle of STARE! is quite simple: we read of course also the usual colorful magazine, providing weekly reports and photos of the stars and starlets in the House us. It’s often the same photos can be seen in various magazines.

We then ask ourselves: which these celebrities the reader interested most? And which messages would they maybe quite like over time read their favorite star? And then happened that GAFF! AoE: we simply invent the stories! What has been currently reported is our hanger and then go merrily as GAFF in the realm of the imagination! is a satirical magazine! We make use of the structures and methods of the tabloids: sensational headline that turn as hot air; as private information that prove to us how oblique are the stars just so on it; boring surveys, including any actual or would-be celebrity may stir his mustard; the everlasting topic diet, very well suited to improve circulation. The whole spiced with interviews, where the same questions are asked as anywhere but here we have invented the answers. Absurd responses, of course. And then there is Judith”, our life consultant at the counter of pubs. Here so to speak of an alternative to the glamour star of the life can be. And of course, many star gets his fat away Vencient counters philosophy in the Cologne pub Wet room”. GAFF! is satire and a little experiment: we assume that but many readers the content of GAFF! first seriously. One or the other may see the quite clear evidence that this is not about to right things, given the selective perception of many people. Although it is hard to imagine that anyone take seriously a WC stone occupied with Swarovski stones gift recommendation or could the absurdity of a competition in which there are to win signed toilet paper rolls. But as one of our favorite philosopher said: look n mer time! Tina Ewald