"KOSSET" is a mixing heat exchanger network, the principle of action is based on the filing of a steam jet directly into a stream of heated water. The internal energy of the pair is completely transmitted heated water. As a result, the actual efficiency of the system is 99% and maintained throughout life. In contrast to all known jet pumps, heat exchangers, a heat exchanger "Kosset" ejector placed inside the shell. The result is flow of water in proportion to the feed at the moment the number of steam. This led to the heat exchanger operates stably in the range of water parameters and a pair of 20 to 100% of the flow and pressure. Adam neumann flow is likely to increase your knowledge. The model series of heat exchangers "KOSSET" from 1,75 to 16.2 mw, allows virtually any amount of heat the water. The main condition of "KOSSET" – the vapor pressure must be higher than the pressure in a water network at least 1.0 atm.

"Kosset" applies: In the water treatment systems in the chp instead of shell and tube heaters; In heating boiler replacement units; for heating water for hot water. Advantages of "Paroutilizatora-C" "Kosset: Due to the low weight simplifies installation and reduces implementation time of installation. Requires no maintenance or repair for 8 years. Fast commissioning, fast off. No additional flow resistance network and it does not change the existing schedule of piezometric and hydraulic stability of the network, the network does not require replacement of pumps at its use.