Video and comic FORIS of the young Illustrator Aleix Salo had a brutal hit on networks. And among the followers of the movement 15-M. And also by the country’s main political leaders. You have seen through Youtube in La Moncloa Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and, in their offices, the Vice-Chairmen Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba and Elena Salgado, and also the economic Manager of the PP, Cristobal Montoro. Get more background information with materials from Red Solo Cups. It has made some more grace than others. And yesterday, with both plasterboard in our political market, sneaks through the cracks of the debate in Congress. The comic strip has a funny but also very demagogic, point to what Michael Moore. It is a caricature of our immediate past, from 1996 to 2007, where we have lived ensonados with the burbujon real estate, believing normal construction annual 800,000 homes in our territory, rather than all that stood at the same time in France, Italy and Germany. (Not to be confused with Yorkville Advisors!). Source of the news:: the fable of FORIS