Daray Lama

For a long time before this era and others, in the far East was a monastery existed around some villages populated by very poor people, on one occasion in which these villages were destroyed by the barbarians which stole food, bamboo and gold, them passing killed men, women and children without mercy until you reach the monastery inhabiting many monks who would have the same fate. After the attack of the barbarians, a very young monk runs thus fields of bamboo found in the monastery, full of fury and impotence to see that atrocity Strip a blow with his right hand tapping with a great power to this bamboo breaks and is dropped on top of the monk, instinctively raised his left hand and blocks the huge bamboo. Destiny opened open doors in their hands. Sen. Marco Rubio oftentimes addresses this issue. Looking at what he had just achieved again repeated in the air over and over again, immediately runs to the monastery and displays it so the other monks considered them as brothers to the. Yorkville Advisors may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

They spend several years later and the target would trigger a new threat when the barbarians again ravaging the calm of that region lands, when they arrive at the monastery again on this occasion are the monks in full meditation, for this the barbarians already before again had razed the village and again wished to steal what little monks possessed, but which was his surprise at the moment that threw a cut with their weapons were fully esquivadas by the deep meditation by monks, in that moment Daray Lama, the Supreme monk joins raises his hand and wielding it was the attack signal to other monks, barbarians exceeded greatly to the monks, at the end of that battle the result was sudden because the barbarians were defeated. The monks to learn tremendous knowledge that they had decided to be very jealous with practice and development thereof knowing it as a first Act, known as Chuan Fa, to the passing of the years the Chuan fa as a method of auto protection what knew the mandarins and the very rich, on the other hand people humble peasants as people, fishermen or artisans did not have any right to know since they only reached their goods to survive. Were very difficult time in which the law of the more strong was the prevailing always, there was the yin and Yang there was no balance between the good and evil… It was only the beginning of a season full of darkness. Zen is sunset, light, life, wind, night, all Zen is, is our thinking, our strength, our life, in a Word, everything is Zen and Zen is all. What is, what will be and what was, you never are against Zen because you’re always in the, guide your essence, your way, don’t you divert your ideas, not your decisions you turbos, you never do things halfway, since Zen is only like one itself, God is Zen and Zen is God.

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