Code Correct

One of the keys to positioning in the SERPs of Google, the main engine of search at the global and regional level, is that the page can be properly indexed by the robots. The effect of having errors in the source code of the page aren’t good, nor for engines of searches or for users, since it affects both our positioning in Google and traffic figures. With respect to indexing, errors here may lead to only a part of our site is indexed. These same mistakes, can show users a totally different page which we design originally, affecting even usability. For this reason, the most reliably ensure that I will not have errors or incompatibilities with different browsers, operating systems and screen resolutions, is to validate the site.

Validation of the site consists in submitting the code to an automated test that some entities offer, for example on this site:, the consortium of the World Wide Web, an international community dedicated to creating consensus among developers and users, normalizing the documents that make up the web pages that you visit. Validation of the site helps reduce load times, and prevents those annoying notices with signs of exclamation which reported that some part of the code does not meet standards of correction. A non validated site may lose functionality, given that some links or scripts may not work. Many factors can contribute to generate errors in the code. One of the most common causes are oversights or distractions from the programmer (e.g. not close a structure, such as one), although on many occasions, errors occur with the use of WYSIWYG editors. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Mark Angelo. The reality is that a seasoned programmer could create an entire web page with a simple text file. txt.

But, to make life easier, have been developed that allow you to build pages with more user friendly interfaces, and editors who are responsible for creating the code automatically as we progress in the design of the web page. In summary, having our perfectly validated site will be an important aid in our optimization efforts with views to the web positioning of our site. The examination of validation, in addition to free is extremely fast, so there is no reason to delay such a review. Check the status of your site, using the tool that we show up.