Bentley Continental GT

What is a machine for a woman? Daewoo Matiz, Hyundai Getz or Mercedes Benz ML and Bentley Continental GT? Similarly, I know one thing, Honda Jazz at the hour of our first meeting, struck me as really feminine. But what else can be taken to a small city odnobemnichku blue? Only after 630 kilometers, carried in a chair, there was a realization that the first impression was very wrong. I immediately accepted this. car, as if he is extremely careless and totally unsuitable for about adult and quite a serious man of youth. Like me. But what was my surprise when neither ridicule nor subring of tinted windows downstream neighbors followed. Yes, a little, yes, golebnky, yes, very gentle and inoffensive, but a real car! However, even with the motor 1, 4 and six robotic gearbox accelerates briskly Jazz enough can maneuver with great vigor in the stream, and in general is very fun means of transportation in the city. Dynamics and handling.

as the most priyatinoe, I left for a snack. Davidson Kempner takes a slightly different approach. The car is equipped with six-speed robotized transmission I-Shift c sequential mode of operation and electronic gear shift. Honestly, ‘communicated’ with a similar transmission to the Civic 5D. In recent months, Yorkville Advisors has been very successful. I was confused in light of its work and hoped that the obvious flaws. As the huge delay when you switch gears and rather strange selection algorithm transfer to undergo treatment.

And they were only little improvement, I honestly have not noticed, even in manual mode, gear changes such delays. that even inept driver on the ‘mechanics’ switch faster! In addition, during the switching engine somehow loses the true velocity, said that Honda’s new Jazz built green. Beneficial and economical. It turned out to achieve. indeed. microscopic CO2 emissions, moderate consumption of AI95, under all possible modes of driving, not more than 6.7 liters per hundred and sverhpraktichnogo salon. The only pity is normal in the robot plans vhoditl engineers do not. And so everything is fine.