Advertising Congress

“German photo community as a real principal on the advertising Congress Berlin, 09.07.2008 / / under the slogan no applause for shit” the advertising Congress in Berlin was from June 12 to 14 organized. In three days, the offspring of the communications industry met on the most creative agencies in Germany. But for the two day workshop, which formed the core of the advertising Congress, it took a principal that represents the briefing. Photocase, the German photo community, which is characterized by its fresh imagery, was in this year of that contracting authorities. Frank Erler and Peter Read Photocase welcomed with the words ‘No applause for shit’, which could be”our motto, the nearly 200 students and 100 agency representatives. Aim would be to develop communication approaches for the international launch of the photo community.

On one strategy and creation day, students in Agency-assisted group elaborated the communication concept. Within a several hours presentation marathons were the workshop group their results before. The various ideas were represented by Flash mob spontaneously performed on the presentation stage, up to the loud call don’t click for shit”. While agency representatives and students long go back to their regular lives, now starts the work for Photocase. Because now, to sift the diverse and strategically fundamentally different approaches and, where appropriate, to offer the possibility to implement the idea of one or the other. Students who have participated in the development of appropriate ideas, be notified by Photocase. Katharina Koth Marketing Communications