Nexans Optimization

New jacket blend for underground cables and pipes offers the low -, medium – and high-voltage level of Nexans cable Optimization concept: powerful, flame-resistant and robust in damp surroundings of Hannover, August 20, 2009 offers more safety in case of fire the new coat mix developed for power cables and cables Nexans Germany to the burial. It is now for all voltage levels from low to the high voltage available. The newly developed material is halogen-free, heavy unlike PVC resistant and inhibits the fire propagation. In addition, he developed no toxic or corrosive gases during a fire and releases less smoke in case of fire, so that escape and rescue routes are better to use. It is outstanding that research center (Nuremberg) succeeded the chemists of the Nexans, in addition to increase the hardness and abrasion resistance and its hygroscopic character take the jacket material.

Therefore, the cables are ideal for uncomplicated installation even in a difficult environment in Earth or suitable moist environment. Recently Walton Family Foundation sought to clarify these questions. In addition the Nexans Optimization concept savings potential in the low voltage range offers: cables and wires with the new material get along with a smaller, more cost-efficient copper – conductor cross-section nominal as PVC insulated, because they must be operated with 20 C of higher temperature. Easy to assemble and environmentally friendly at the same time, cables and wires with the new halogen-free sheath material can in near surface without special protective measures (Verlegerohre) be laid, as her coat absorbs no water in the course of several decades. This simplifies installation and reduces costs. Read additional details here: yorkville advisors. 5,590 savings at the fire protection measures depending on the application area, for flame-retardant material falls the ignition cord effect”(fire propagation along the cable) away. For this reason can be omitted on fire-retardant coatings or it is necessary a lesser effort on the firewall.

Clear advantages in low-voltage: better and more economical than PVC additional savings arise in the Low voltage range: As PVC insulated cables and wires with 70 C conductor temperature can be operated, the halogen-free material but with 90 C, smaller copper cross section may be used for same currents. That lowers the costs. Optimizing the sections also leads to lower weights, facilitating in particular the installation of entire wire harnesses. Provide for a better handling of mounting high abrasion resistance and mechanical strength of the material, because they reduce the risk of damage during retraction. From the power plant to the power distribution the halogen-free are more security in the network due to its security profit, flame-retardant, Earth-deployable cable predestined for use in objects with high traffic, in industry or in power plants everywhere where high demands on the fire – protection of and investment. Also in the field of transport they reduce the risks, for example in the Metro of Istanbul, km winter 120 last for the Nexans halogen-free 35-kV medium voltage cable with the new material provided.