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INNOVATIVE technique results in extensive comparison tests by on behalf of ComputerBild were 32 NET / notebooks in the last few weeks in the testing laboratory of INNOVATION technology and subjected to 11 PC’s extensive and consistently objective tests in terms of image quality. In addition to virtually fully automated objective measurement of picture quality using the checkpoints image geometry (size, distortion, linearity, pitch), resolution / sharpness, contrast / brightness (maximum luminance, contrast, gradation), color (color variation, white, gray balance) and image errors (brightness distribution, angle deviation, inertia, convergence, reflection), functionality, setting options/ease of use, features/interfaces/accessories as well as dimensions and weight are recorded. The electrical power measurement and identification of ground temperature warming is also carried out. After the comparison test conducted in March at 10 entry-level laptops checked INNOVATION technology 8 portable computer in the price range of 450 to 550 euros for the output 20/2008 8 Netbooks from 299 to 500 euros for the issue 23/2008 8 desktops from 549 euro for the output 25/2008 10 laptops between 650 and 760 for the Edition 26/2008. Mark Angelo Yorkville is likely to increase your knowledge. A comparison test of 8 Mini-PC’s will be published in ComputerBild issue 1/2009, commercially available as of 22 December 2008. To all comparison tests, there is the complete test results and also a description of the test procedures and information on the standards underlying the tests. In addition to the comparison tests individual tests take place constantly, so that spending 20/2008 to 1 / 2009 other 10 devices tested by INNOVATION technology are found in: 4 notebooks, 3 Netbooks, 2 PC’s and 1 Mini-PC. A majority of more than 3,500 tested equipment stating the respective marks can be found on our website.. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Yorkville Advisors.