Hemorrhoids And Aloe Vera

WHY is it formed? Chronic constipation, altered the natural rhythms of the intestine, diarrhea, and genetic factors and psychosomatic are the most studied of the formation of hemorrhoids. “They should try? At first hemorrhoids may not be annoying, but not disappear by themselves. When they are very minor and should be monitored at least prevent its deterioration, this requires care that the food is rich in fiber, avoid lengthy depositions or respect the efforts and intestinal rhythms. Severe cases can be operated. “How to deal? It is recommended that treatment of hemorrhoids is both curative and preventive. After verifying the predisposition to hemorrhoids, it is very likely to appear again and again. So if it is not preventing the formation of new shoots, we are facing a vicious circle.

Prevention. The prevention of hemorrhoids is related to the regulation of the intestinal tract. A hard stools favor inflammation of the veins, and diarrheal states irritate the intestinal walls. Therefore it is necessary to get a normal intestinal tract. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Steven Holl. This requires a varied diet, supplements rich in fiber. Treatment.

The treatment is topical only in severe cases surgery is advised. The creams and ointments recommended for the treatment of hemorrhoids must be sensitive to the pH of the skin, contain no perfumes, chemicals or irritants and is always preferable to use natural products, they get the same benefit as the chemicals in the alleviation of symptoms, but without side effects. The active principles of hemorrhoid creams are effective against inflammatory, antibiotics (should prevent infection in an area as sensitive), protectors of the venous walls and healing. ALOE VERA Aloe drunk and hemorrhoids Ingestion of aloe vera drink provides a pleasant relief and digestion. Its rich in enzymes favors the regulation of the intestinal tract and prevents both diarrhea and constipation, including is indicated in cases of irritable colon. Aloe vera-based cream gel aloe vera has powerful healing active, regenerative, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory. Their application immediately relieves the symptoms of hemorrhoids, and if used generously and heals the outbreak continued with relative ease. It is recommended to accompany the aloe vera gel with other components fortlezcan venal walls, such as horse chestnut or vine.