This meant that the conga player would have to be separated from their instruments for a few moments. Further details can be found at Red Solo Cups, an internet resource. What the conguero says with a creolized tone demonstrating his jerguero Lexicon: Naca pirinaca, my congas are going with me all parties comes the time of leaving the location for recording, invite us to upload to a minivan to all musicians. Just at that moment I hear that the young boy who arrived after I, was also one of the alleged musicians. Alleged, because actually the job was to make phono instrumental mimicry on a recording of a subject of the real Eva. Even in that sequence, the actress who plays Eva, makes phono mimic. The congas moreno stays to wait go with his congas in another mobility. The minivan undertakes his transfer with us aboard, toward the location of filming.

We remain without talking on the road: the driver, the youngster moreno and I. Others talk very bouncy between them, since they know and talk about their musical adventures. Ignore us completely. But what they ignore is the time which will require this television adventure. They are musicians but have no experience in these matters. It is tomorrow and this experience will last until late hours of the night. An auditorium of a known institution is the location to record this sequence of the miniseries. We arrived, and after passing the entry control by the security staff of the place, we will start our journey at the Auditorium.

Responsible for production invite us to sit in the seats of the auditorium to wait until the time of the recording. Had a good time of waiting, be He begins to notice the impatience of the musicians. The conga player still does not arrive with his congas. Approaching one of the youths responsible for the production that I already know from other productions and asks me very kindly by please tell the musicians come on stage to sort them in the same.

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