The Professor

Adaptation to the way liquid and to the professor, Displacement with the professor, varied object Hold of forms, textures and sizes, Balance of foot in the plan, using floats, Stimulaton to the active displacement, Adaptation of the water in the face, Educative for immersion, Stimulatons for voluntary immersion, Fluctuation with buoy, Blow of air in the face, Development of the respiratory control, submerged Displacement, Jump of the edge, with or without immersion, submerged Displacement with direction change, playful, musical Activities and historiadas, Socialization of the baby (activities in group) Survival to the half liquid. : of 15 the 30 minutes. art Transplant has to say. To divide the lesson in three parts: First part: ten minutes, recepcione the baby with much affection, starts the lesson with stimulatons that the baby already knows. Second part: ten minutes, it works new stimulatons Last part: ten minutes, toys that it knows that the lesson is finishing. WORK PROPOSAL Baby I: (of 3 months approximately the 1 year) To the three months the child already possesss good resistance and supports better the head. The baby will carry through the lesson with the mother the objective of the lesson is the socialization Stimulation of the sensorial agencies and respiratory blockade Movement of the corporal segments to increase the amplitude to articulate and muscular reinforcement.

Baby II: (1 year approximately the 2 years) He will carry through the lesson with the mother Will be able to make lesson with the professor and the group, without the mother dynamic Lessons, with elaborated movements more. Baby III: (2 years approximately 3 years) He carries through lesson with the professor general motor Stimulation Knows to walk in the swimming pool Survival to the half liquid. LEVEL CHANGE: The baby will move of group when he will be: Baby I: Integrated to the group and the professor, Immerging with aid of the mother and/or professor, in the vertical line and horizontal line, Seated in the edge of the swimming pool, to play for the mother and/or professor, To initiate engatinhar in the floating carpet, Remaining alone in the buoy. Baby II: Engatinhando and walking in the floating carpet, Immerging with displacement To walk alone in the flat part of the swimming pool To be alone with arm buoys. Baby III: To go up and to go down alone in the edge of the swimming pool, horizontal Displacement with natural movements of arms and legs, To jump in the water and to come back in the edge of the swimming pool (alone or with small aid), To carry through the ventral fluctuation I swim of survival (cachorrinho)