Panasonic Shows New Beamer

Panasonic: is however more expensive than the no Beamer in Pocket-size model PT-LB78 currently on the market of pushing mini-Beamer about Samsung, Dell or Toshiba, because it offers a much higher luminosity of up to 3000 ANSI lumens. With a price according to Panasonic by he is less than 1200 euro but still comparatively cheap. Panasonic highlights especially the encapsulated housing: only an opening can be found at the LCD unit for the air intake, even the keypad consists of touch sensor buttons. Keep dust as long as possible out time over one, the flow path between the air inlet and outlet is designed according to the manufacturer, that the optical unit has only minimal contact with the outside air. To control Panasonic projector the projector via VGA, S-video, composite-video inputs and a RS232 port. One of the VGA inputs can be used also as output.

500:1 contrast ratio should be. A projection distance of 10 metres creates a diagonal according to the data sheet of 7.6 metres. The minimum distance to the projection area is 0.84 metres. Panasonic has incorporated daylight view 4 “-function with the sharp images are to be created even in high ambient light. An”eco”mode is designed to help also save power.