Morro Jable

4. Pajara > Betancuria various hairpin bends away between the towns of Pajara and Betancuria a vantage point. Not only the views can be admired here, but also many of the little Gophers. The feeding of tourists meant that the animals get very close to you to take any crumbs out of your hand. From the vantage point of a mountain road leads down to the spot of Betancuria. The town is the historic island capital of Fuerteventura. Near the church you will find enough parking possibilities. Betancuria – Fuerteventura which Iglesia de Santa Maria was built in 1620 A.d.

and is one of the most beautiful churches on the island. A beautiful Cactus garden and restored building, showing works of the photographer Reiner Loos and Luis Soltmann in audiovisual slideshows are located right next to the Iglesia. Betancuria – Fuerteventura leaving Betancuria in a northerly direction, is located approximately 2 minutes further with the biggest attraction, the Convento de San Buenaventura. The ruins of the old Franciscan monastery is a bizarre sight. Even if the walls of the Church have been preserved, as is the roof collapsed but it is already a long time ago and was not renewed.

The accessible ruins of the Church thus has in addition to a natural grass ground”an interesting sight not to be missed. 5. Betancuria > we go Antigua Antigua of Betancuria out. This place holds in the Center also a beautiful church and a beautifully landscaped courtyard of the Church. The City Centre has been restored recently and several older buildings were replaced by modern houses, in which various small shops have settled. (but please note that in the siesta on Fuerteventura most have closed shops outside of the tourist resorts). Antigua – Fuerteventura leaving Antigua South towards Morro Jable, passing several old town houses, which represent so many interesting photographic motif (as of 2011). Morro Jable from Antigua off we go return back to our starting point of Morro Jable. We hope this tour description could help you to spend a nice holiday in Fuerteventura. We wish you a nice Fuerteventuraurlaub. Your Combipix team the images and maps of the Agency Combipix are copyrighted. You are allowed without the explicit consent of combipix not be copied, downloaded or reproduced in any other way, except for purely private holiday planning from individuals. Questions regarding the policy, we are Them at your disposal.