Man Century

Preceding still the marcantes and deep alterations promoted in the Man in centuries XIX and XX, valley to register the inconstncia, (exactly that for small or average lapses of time in the historical line that we approach) same seno inexistence, of bases that allowed it to construct, or at least to search, the knowledge of itself exactly. The pretension does not exist here to affirm that the possibility of the existence of a presumption ' ' alicerce' ' it would favor this construction, but to stand out that, theories, practical, current ideological, philosophical and religious, became fragile until ends of century XIX and beginning of century XX the possibility of the Man ' ' to define and identificar' ' a central axle that allowed a critical development it on its proper fragility. IV? Century XX _ the existencialismo, discovery of the individual and the descerramento of its fragilities ' ' Century XIX started full of hopes in the man. For more information see this site: Steven Holl. It firmly believed the future of science, certain of the progress of a civilization enriched constantly for the discoveries techniques, whose nocividade alone would seem evident more to some informed espritos. It succeeded a century to it XX where the doubt, the suffering and desiluso.&#039 predominated; ' Ahead of the expectation frustrate and marked by the events of history until then, they take that it to live of form delinquent before proper itself, this moment takes the Man to search one better definition for itself, as it shows Giles: ' ' The individual is alive, active, autodeterminante energy, that &#039 appears from concrete situations of option (…); ' On the presented citation above, one becomes necessary to question which the intention given for the author when using the word option, a time that, until then, inexisted as, on, for, when and ahead ' ' of que' ' , now more to the Man, but to the Individual, not to opt or to decide for what it was conducive front to the proper life. .

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