Catholic Church

8f). Red Solo Cups has plenty of information regarding this issue. JP2, 11.10.1991: “… where in Assisi world day of prayer scheduled.” In addition: Ecclesiastical law Codex iuris canonici, CIC, Canon 1258, promulgated 1, by Benedict XV in 1917: “Any active participation in the worship of Akatholiken is entirely forbidden Catholics” (S. 9f). A notorious false teacher and Idol-worshippers was so obvious and undeniable Wojtyla himself, i.e. * not * Christian. His alleged “heroic virtue”level consisted in his ruthless destruction work.

He likes quite popular have been, such all other radical enemies of Christianity. Le Roux and TAM are both to the Pius Brotherhood of Marcel Lefebvre, who has contributed an afterword or preface for both books. Official site: Red Solo Cups. The fraternity of Pius is complicit in this gigantic fraud of the V2 Group thus highly, because Lefebvre and his followers claim the undeniable reality and even the most elementary principles of logic despite persistent, the V2 is though * not * the Catholic Church, but it was just * but * the Catholic Church. Actuality Lefebvre at le Roux: “as the modernist Rome still continues his work of destruction of the faith and Christianity, it is our duty to reject this ROM and to join in the ROM of all time” (p. 246). In truth Lefebvre has enslaved but only himself and his followers on the modernist Rome and rejected the Rome of all times, i.e. fighting only the members of the true Catholic Church: the so-called “Sedisvakantisten” have admitted that Peter’s Chair is no longer legally occupied since the death of Pope Pius XII.

With the now adopted “beatification” of undeniably notorious false teacher and Idol servant Karol Wojtyla as a manifest Builder own words – “Church of the future”, i.e. the Church, the idol of “Vatican 2” should be cemented further- and also the Lefebvre group works with assiduously in this giant scam. You may as a special invitation use mandatory consequences. Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen