Burma Ruby

Also synthetic jewels have inclusions, but others, as their natural role models. Even if the manufacturer of precious stone syntheses resistant (and with considerable success) are working to make the pockets of their products as close to nature as possible, the authenticity of a gemstone for the expert opens as before when looking through the magnifying glass or the microscope. This also means that inclusions increase the sales prospects. No jeweler in the world will buy a high fine, eye-pure Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald, if you can present no internationally recognised certificate of a renowned Gemmological laboratories. Will the jeweler if he knows his craft, but with a magnifying glass rutile needles in the Ruby, Sapphire, or a jagged three-phase inclusions in Emerald, so negotiations can begin. However, not all Jewelers and goldsmiths make their Gemmological homework, it is especially for very high-quality Stones always advisable to have a globally recognized certificate a good color stone which is not necessarily flawless be but can show quite inclusions, which are so small in the ideal case, that she is just a geubtes eye and recognize only with a magnifying glass, or are at least as small and well hidden, i.e.

not exactly under the Panel, the brilliance is not interrupted. The second inclusions make only affordable some gems for many. Rubies and particularly eye-pure emeralds of finest color are so rare and expensive that only a few can afford these luxury or want to eye purity above a certain size. So inclusions are accepted at these stones much sooner, as E.g. in aquamarine.

Is called the Emerald garden even euphemistically by the Jardin, i.e. the (inclusion). Weight the weight of a gemstone is specified in carat, where 1 ct is equal to 0, 2 g. Many, but not all stones weight has significant influence on the price per carat. So a fine Burma Ruby, 3 CTS achieved weight several times per carat, as a One-carat stone of exactly the same quality what is because that one-carat stone are easier to find much as Dreikarater.