About The Search Engine Relevance Of Web Videos

Online marketing and search engine optimization with videos In the summer of 2010 the team of tvnetzwerk.de produced an Internet video for the Hamburg artist Sven Brauer. The producers wanted to make only an atmospheric portrait of the artist. A film with the Sven Brauer can leave a lasting impression at galleries and publishers, without every time personally present to. The video should be a complement to his drawings and works. It was finally adjusted on YouTube, that’s it! A few months later a wheel action staff at tvnetzwerk.de were the keywords Hamburg”and artist” into the Google search form. And Lo and behold: on the 2nd page was to see a thumbnail of the video.

“After all, Google delivers Suchgegriffen Hamburg from the two” artist “well over 300 000 hits. “On the list videos” (this link is for Google’s home page links shown above) was in 3rd place – of 50 hits. By a few other small interventions is the video now on the first page on 9th place at the search engine giant Google And rising. You are looking for but in the videos, it is now in the first place! This small example shows today, the online marketing with Web videos has become as interesting. Carsten Tornow tvnetzwerk.de