Waterpurifying Filter Nerox

Household Water Filter nerox is one of the most effective filters of techno-economic and performance indicators. Nerox – fine filter drinking water, which is used for purification of water from open sources and from water pipes. Domestic nerox filter in Simferopol, a city of the manufacturer of the cleaner, is the key to the health […]

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners with air ionization. Is there smysel spend extra money on air conditioning with a similar function? What is the ionization of the air? Ambient air we breathe, always carries some of its molecules electric charges. The process of charge on the molecule is called ionization and a charged molecule – or a light […]

Beauty Salons

Welcome to the virtual female beauty salon, where we show you how to become beautiful, more than one hundred articles and photos about the secrets and recipes of female beauty, the rules of skin care, body and hair. Recently Herbalife sought to clarify these questions. The first and main secret – in systematic care of […]